As a kitchen blogger myself, there are certainly those times when dinner’s a bowl of Grape-Nuts and writing inspiration’s in short supply. But luckily, the universe likes to spread her muses around, so when mine is nowhere to be found, it’s probably because she’s leaning her elbows on someone else’s counter. And that’s when it’s time to dig into the joys of hyperlinks.

Right now, inspiration’s flowing at Habeas Brûlée, a personal food blog from a Brooklyn lawyer/glassblower/honey-lover. Using her roundup of her current blogging faves as a jumping-off point, you too can drool over the picture (and recipe!) for bacon toffee, which replaces pig candy as my two new favorite words. There are also lovely round-the-world links to all kinds of deliciousness—a poetic little how-to for making an easy butter-braised, kid-approved fish dinner; cute snaps of honeybee-shaped biscuits; thoughtful discussions of El Bulli’s deep-fried rabbit ears; and more.

You might just get inspired to start blowing your own glass meatball dishes.

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