Number two on the Hit List in this week’s Entertainment Weekly claims, “David Beckham denies being on ‘daughter diet’ to help conceive girl,” and after reading Scott Brown’s limp zinger, “As we know, no one can gender-bend it like Beckham,” I was left completely unsatisfied. What the hell is a “daughter diet”? Luckily, Celebrity Baby Blog shoveled up some answers.

According to a source, David has traded in dairy products, caffeine and alcohol for steamed vegetables, salads, asparagus, avocado, peppers, white meat and fish. He has also limited his red meat intake.

For those of you who, like me, have shot a skeptical eyebrow high into your hairline over the plausibility of this idea, the Celebrity Baby Blog story quotes a pregnancy and birth resource as saying:

Fertility diets to choose a girl or a boy aren’t proven scientifically to work. Though they are widely popular, as are many unscientifically proven fads.

The blog entry also reminds us that Posh has “always been fascinated by diet.” Reeeeeally? I never would have believed sporting a set of collarbones that could cut glass wasn’t a direct product of a lifetime love for cheese, chocolate, and pastries. But I kid, because I distinctly recall last year’s Becks and Posh diet rumor detailing that Posh had put herself on a sushi and pineapple diet to make sure she was in wasting trim for the 2006 World Cup.

Meanwhile, Becks isn’t the only one preparing his body for conceiving a girl. Posh has apparently graced one of her more private areas with a fertility tattoo, which may or may not be part of the footballer’s diet.

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