Following the success of David Chang’s inaugural season of “Ugly Delicious,” Netflix has just released the trailer for season two of the travel culinary show. The second season, which is set to premiere on the streaming service on March 6, again follows the chef and restaurateur as he travels to a host of countries around the world—armed with a number of celebrity guests—to meet with chefs, writers, artists, and activists who are using food as an instrument to not only bring people together, but also to showcase the world through culture and cuisine. 

Throughout the show, David will travel to Mumbai, Sydney, Istanbul, and back, accompanied by celebs like comedian Nick Kroll, “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi, and actor and food-lover Aziz Ansari—and plenty of delicious food. Just watching the trailer, you’ll begin to visually see the food journeys David Chang takes—from eating curry in Mumbai to wagyu beef in Tokyo. 

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The topics of the four episodes are vast and diverse. Episode 1 (“Kids’ Menu”) tracks David’s dive into determining what’s apt for an expectant mother to eat—all while preparing for the birth of his first child. Episode 2 (“Don’t Call It Curry”) takes him to India, with Padma and Aziz as his guides, while the third episode (“Steak”) follows him to the steakhouses of Australia, Detroit, and Tokyo. The final episode (“As the Meat Turns”) follows David to Turkey, where he feasts on plenty of doner kebabs as inspiration and research into the opening of his newest restaurant, a hybrid shop of Korean barbecue and kebabs.

Check out the trailer, then mark your calendars for March 6—this is a season you’re not going to want to miss.

Header image courtesy of Netflix.

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