It happens to everyone. You’re at Starbucks or the defiant local equivalent. You’ve got a disposable cup, and it’s blisteringly hot. You could put on one of those brown java jackets, but they’re U-G-L-Y. And other than cost effectiveness, they do not have an alibi.

This—or so the theory goes—is where the the Cupcoat by Cup Couture slips into action. These insulated, fashion-conscious cup jackets are styled in any number of ways, assigned to various “collections” ranging from Diva to Beasts to Jet Set to Glamorous to the weirdly James Bond and/or Home Depot–oriented Men.

The problem with the giraffe faux fur edition that I received for review purposes: It is U-G-L-Y, and does not, unlike its thrifty disposable brothers and sisters, have cost-effectiveness to fall back upon as an alibi. It is $12. And that kind of money could buy you a mocha. And a paper.

This isn’t to dismiss the Cup Couture concept. The superfurry Glamorous cups are actually sufficiently over-the-top to start conversations. And while many of the patterns on the site feel too generic to be legitimately fashionable, there’s no reason why licensing big shots such as Family Guy, 300, Dr. Phil, etc., couldn’t get involved and subsidize the luxury cup cozies in order to extend their own brands.

Or how about this: Cupcoats with secondary uses. A Cupcoat with GPS so that you always know where your coffee is and your friends can track it via Google. A Cupcoat with secret interior pockets that you can use for hiding blow, or meth, or huffing, or whatever the kids are into these days. A Cupcoat that contains an entire miniature set of locksmith’s tools in case of unforeseen handyman emergencies.

The cup’s the limit!

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