After suffering years of abuse, English food is finally getting its due—thanks to food blogger Sam Breach, of Becks & Posh. The British expatriate, now blogging from San Francisco, is doing away with the stereotype of overcooked vegetables and stodgy mains by hosting a blogging event called Fish & Quips. Food bloggers are invited to submit their favorite British recipes, food products, or reviews, which will be posted in a roundup on April 23, St. George’s Day. Her hope is to prove that English food is no joke.

Sam is on a self-confessed crusade to “try and let the world know that English food isn’t all bad.” Last year she cosponsored a pro–British food event featuring English puddings (that’s dessert to you Yanks). The event netted 43 entries, including Sam’s contribution of an entire English Afternoon Tea Party, complete with fairy cakes, Bakewell Tarts, tea sandwiches, and potted shrimp.

This year her contribution is an English Sunday Roast—roast leg of lamb, peas with mint, roasted potatoes, and asparagus spears. And don’t think she forgot the mint sauce (made fresh, thank you very much), or the pear crumble with homemade clotted cream.

Between Sam and Fat Duck chef-owner Heston Blumenthal, English food may have shed its staid reputation once and for all. Stay tuned to Becks & Posh for the entire roundup April 23. Perhaps there’s some English food in your future. One look at the Sunday Roast lunch has me craving some myself.

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