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Whether you’re looking to host an authentic Mardi Gras party or just want to eat like you’re in New Orleans on Fat Tuesday (or any Tuesday), we rounded up the best New Orleans food online that you can have delivered.

New Orleans is one of the world’s great food cities so it’s no surprise that its signature celebration, Mardis Gras—also known as Fat Tuesday—is punctuated by lots and lots of good eats. 

WTD?What Is the Difference Between Creole and Cajun Food?Cajun and Creole cooking has a long history in the city and spawned a wide range of influential dishes but a few, like the King Cake, gumbo, jambalaya, and muffuletta sandwiches, have broken through to help define the Crescent City’s transcendent cuisine and the big bash it holds each spring to mark the beginning of Lent. 

If you’re hoping to have yourself a Fat Tuesday party but are short on time or know-how, you’re in luck; through the magic of the internet and fast, efficient shipping you can get many of those authentic New Orleans foods (many of them made in New Orleans) delivered.

Oh, and since you’re trying to recreate a New Orleans atmosphere at said Mardis Gras party, you’re probably going to need booze. Actually, let me rephrase. You’re definitely going to need some booze. Lots of it, and there are some great NOLA-specific options to be had like Sazerac cocktails, local beers, and a sparkling wine that just happens to be the official bubbly of the world’s oldest Mardi Gras celebration. 

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So break out the beads, put the kids to bed, and order up some of our top picks for the best Mardi Gras food, ingredients, and classic New Orleans booze to buy online and have delivered for your Fat Tuesday fête.

Muffuletta Sandwiches, $109 on Goldbelly


It might sound odd to order a sandwich over the internet but the one exception is for authentic muffulettas from New Orleans’ iconic Central Grocery. The longstanding deli and restaurant is the place to get New Orlean’s signature sammy, and according to reviews, these will arrive safe and fresh-tasting via next day shipping. This order feeds roughly 6-8 people but there are bigger sizes available depending on the size of your event.Buy Now

Italian Olive Salad, $17.31 on Amazon


And if you’re planning to make your own muffulettas you’ll need some Italian good olive spread. You can get it directly from Central Grocery via Amazon for bonus authenticity points.Buy Now

Crawfish Boil Kit, $69 at Louisiana Crawfish

Louisiana Crawfish Co.

There are few things more Mardis Gras (and New Orleans) than a crawfish boil but you gotta have the right seasoning to make it work. Louisiana Crawfish Co. sends everything (via Goldbelly): the Creole seasoning, the seafood boil mix, and live (yes, live) crawfish. See how to cook them if it’s your first time.Buy Now

Gumbo File Powder (2-Pack), $4.08 at Walmart


Gumbo is one of the anchor foods of New Orleans cuisine. A savory stew unique to the region and one you’d be smart to make at home to celebrate Mardis Gras, a good gumbo hinges on having the right spice and that includes file powder, made from dried sassafras root; it also acts as a thickener. File powder may not be available in your local grocery store but you can pick up two jars for just $4 and have it delivered in plenty of time.Buy Now

Andouille Sausage, $8.99 on D’Artagnan


And I know you wouldn’t make gumbo without andouille sausage. This one from artisan purveyor D’artagnan is made from heritage-breed pork humanely raised and smoked over real hardwood.Buy Now

Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning, $4.99 at World Market

World Market

Let me start by saying this is no way an endorsement of slappin’ ya mama but you should slap a few liberal sprinkles of this Cajun/Creole seasoning into your jambalaya for some authentic New Orleans spice. This simple mix of salt, garlic, and both red and black pepper should go in the pot and then out on the table for anyone looking for some extra pop. Buy Now

Gambino’s King Cake, $44 on Goldbelly


If you’re throwing a Mardis Gras bash you best have a King Cake and specialty online purveyor Goldbelly has a selection of them made in famous New Orleans bakeries like Gambino’s. As tradition goes, whoever finds the plastic baby toy baked inside has to host next year’s bash so slice it up and hope for the best.Buy Now

Assorted Pralines, $39 on Goldelly


King Cake may get most of the attention on Mardis Gras but pralines are New Orleans’ most famous signature dessert. Just ask Aunt Sally who’s been making these roasted nuts coated with sugar, cream, and vanilla for over 70 years. Get you an assorted box that includes Classic, Bananas Foster, and Café au Lait flavors delivered straight from Decatur street to you.Buy Now

Moon Pies (pack of 6), $8.75 on Amazon

Mardi Gras MoonPie

Mardi Gras MoonPie, via Twitter

Speaking of desserts, you may not have known (unless you’ve been to Mardis Gras) but MoonPies are often hurled at revelers along the Mardis Gras parade route. Read more about how all that got started, but whatever you do be sure to have some on hand for your own Fat Tuesday party.Buy Now

Abita Purple Haze, from $9.99 on Drizly


Abita is the most popular New Orleans brewery and Purple Haze is the best beer they make (in this guy’s opinion). A not-too-fruity pilsner made with real raspberries and the perfect brew to wash down a spicy gumbo. Buy Now

Faire La Fête Brut, from $10.99 at Vivino


This sparkling wine made in Limoux, France has deep Mardis Gras roots dating back to January-March Carnaval de Limoux, which started in the 16th century making it the longest-running Mardi Gras festival in the world. The name itself translates to “have a party” and we’ll gladly oblige, especially since this affordable brut sparkling wine gets high marks from critics.Buy Now

Sazerac Rye, from $32.99 on Drizly


The Sazerac is the official cocktail of New Orleans (no, really, they passed it into law about 10 years ago) and that means they’re consumed en masse around Mardis Gras. See this recipe for the almighty Sazerac here and make sure to have them flowing at your Fat Tuesday fête.Buy Now

Herbsaint, $24 on Drizly


Speaking of Sazeracs, you’ll need absinthe to complete the drink. While real absinthe is trickier to find in most states, Herbsaint is a viable alternative with plenty of herbal anise flavor to nail the recipe. Tradition dictates that the glass be sprayed with absinthe or Herbsaint before the rest of the ingredients go in, so snag this handy bar spray bottle from Amazon while you’re at it.Buy Now

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Header image courtesy of Goldbelly.

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