Some of our dedicated Chowhounds have hit up every pastry joint they could find, in search of the most perfect almond croissant in the Bay Area. Their favorites:

Bay Bread is dreamsicle’s favorite. Catch ’em while they’re still slightly warm—somewhere between the crisp shell and the almost liquidy filling is the tiniest gateway to heaven. You’ll find it, too, if you look. In comparison, she says, Delanghe’s famed croissant seems just stale and heavy.

cafecreme agrees that Bay Bread makes a beautiful almond croissant; there is, though, one that she thinks is even better. This is the almond croissant from DeLessio’s. The croissant is actually crispier, while still being delectably flaky and buttery. The filling is the real deal-maker—beautifully colored, beautifully textured, with the slightest hint of lemon.

Anya L also rates Bay Bread and DeLessio’s in her top five. The other top choices: Citizen Cake’s very buttery croissant with a chewier filling; Tartine’s enormous, deeply browned croissant; and Blissful Bite’s small, dark, delightfully chewy version.

La Boulangerie de San Francisco (formerly Boulangerie Bay Bread) [Fillmore]
2325 Pine Street, San Francisco

DeLessio Market and Bakery [Duboce Triangle]
1695 Market Street, San Francisco

Citizen Cake [Hayes Valley] — CLOSED
399 Grove Street, San Francisco

Tartine Bakery [Mission]
600 Guerrero Street, San Francisco

Blissful Bites [Richmond] — CLOSED
397 Arguello Boulevard, San Francisco

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This list was updated on December 12, 2017 to reflect closures and a name change.

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