As each batch of customers arrives at Deezi Café, the manager rushes up, greets them, and rings a big bell. The bell signals the kitchen to fire a fresh batch of flat bread in the tandoor. The bread shows up in a few minutes—a huge, dinner-plate-sized, charred wonder of crunchiness and chew.

The unexpected glory at Deezi Café, though, is the kaleh pacheh, a gorgeously gelatinous bowl of boiled lamb tongue, tendon, and cheeks, in its own broth. “Imagine an earthy lamb version of bollito misto with a heavier, more gelatin-rich stock base or perhaps pot au feu meets consumé de borrego and this would be it,” explains Melanie Wong. “Each morsel was the optimal texture—softened tendon with just enough resistance to the bite, fork-tender whole tongue, and slightly firm cheek meat with a bit of chew to it.” The broth is perfect—just a big bowl of purified lamb essence.

Other good stuff: mirzaghasemi, a very likable mash of softly creamy eggplant with a bit of citrus, a bit of tomato tang, and hard-cooked egg yolk. Excellent koubideh, too—if you order it medium rare, it’ll come perfect—fully charred on the outside, yet beautifully rare on the inside.

Atmosphere is festive and noisy; there is occasionally music. Service is swift and friendly. Dinner will run about $25 a person.

Deezi Café [South Bay]
1740 S. Winchester Boulevard, Campbell

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