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Cutting down to zero waste with our food and beverage choices is something many of us are working towards, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. With single-use plastic bottles representing one of the biggest perpetrators of food and drink waste, we’re encouraged to see so many contemporary brands smartly recycling this old plastic into new wares.

eco-easyProducts to Help Reduce Food WasteNow, the best thing you can do with regard to water bottles and their environmental impact is to get you a nice new reusable water bottle and not use so many single plastic products in the first place. Beyond that, look for brands that have used smart engineering to turn plastic bottles into the stuff we buy every day. 

Tech accessory brands, forward-thinking fashion companies, home goods, and even food and drink brands have been getting into the spirit. Evian, for instance, became carbon neutral (in the U.S. and Canada) in 2017 and has pledged to become 100 percent circular—meaning new bottles will be made 100 percent from recycled plastic—by 2025. How meta. 

Check out these brands using recycled water bottles to make their goods and grab a little swag you can feel good about.

Soma Water Bottles, $29.99 on Amazon 


These chic water bottles are made from shatter-resistant glass and a protective silicone sleeve fashioned from 100 percent recycled water bottles. Check out the rainbow of color options available at Amazon.Buy Now

Method All-Purpose Cleaner, $2.65 on Amazon


This home cleaning supplies brand uses both recycled plastic and ocean plastic to package their dish detergent, all-purpose cleaner, hand soap, body wash, and more. Buy Now

Nimble Wireless Smartphone Stands & Charger, $59.95 on Amazon


Tech contributes to plastic waste as much as anything, so we were glad to hear that smartphone accessory maker Nimble fashions its slick cases, chargers, and stands from a sustainable blend of recycled water bottles and organic hemp. Check out this one which can be had for less than $60 on Amazon.Buy Now

Green Toys Submarine, $9.99 on Amazon


This California toy company is making fun and affordable children’s toys out of recycled water bottles like the oh-so-fun bath time submarine for just $10. Safe for toddlers and babies and comes in blue or yellow (for any tiny Beatles fans out there).Buy Now  

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Evian Water (6-pack), $6.99 on Instacart


If you’re going to buy plastic water bottles (and let’s face it, sometimes you gotta) it may as well be from a company striving for sustainability. Evian currently uses recycled plastic to make its new water bottles and has pledged to be 100 percent circular by 2025.Buy Now

Patagonia Jackets & Fleeces, prices vary on Nordstrom


It’s definitely Patagonia season and the beloved outerwear brand has an entire recycled polyester clothing line made from recycled water bottles. They’ve actually been doing this since 1993 and the line includes everything from signature fleeces and puff jackets to duffel bags and yoga pants. See Patagonia’s full recycled clothing line here.Buy Now

Allbirds Sneakers, $95 on Allbirds


You’ve probably seen these smart and comfy casual sneakers around,  or maybe you even own a pair. But you might not have known they are made from mostly recycled materials, including the shoelaces, which are made from 100 percent recycled plastic water bottles.Buy Now

Header image courtesy of Soma.

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