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Looking for a new favorite fitness Instagram account to follow? We’ve got some suggestions.

The world’s preferred social media platform for food pics certainly comes with its fair share of morally bankrupt influencers, but with Instagram’s popularity also came the dawn of a new fitness and health movement with influencers supporting health at any size. Trainers sharing their routines to those who couldn’t otherwise afford them, women sharing snaps of their bodies proudly no matter their size, and people celebrating their health in unconventional ways has begun to break down some of the fitness industry’s socioeconomic barriers and change the way we look at working out, food, and health.

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Sometimes it feels like health influencers are just out here to sell us Fabletics leggings, but as someone who loves leggings and hosts a fitness podcast called Work it Out, I can tell you many of these influencers are the real deal, the products they swear by are great, and their work is very important. If you’re looking to be positively inspired in your feed in the New Year, check out these fitness influencers for a daily dose of true #fitspo.

Roz the Diva

If there is one influencer you follow this year for a daily dose of positivity and truth, make it Roz the Diva. She’s a plus-size pole dancer and personal trainer based in NYC who will blow you away with her irrevocably strong pole moves. Roz has been featured on endless media outlets, including a very moving piece with the NY Times. She tours and hosts pole classes for other plus-size divas, with the intent of reminding everyone size and fitness ability do not go hand in hand.

Luke Worthington

Repped by Nike, Luke Worthington is a strength conditioning trainer who really leans into his knowledge of our anatomy. His routines are created to ensure viewers are using the right muscles and proper parts of their bodies for every exercise. With an emphasis on injury prevention, recovery, and strategic strength, Luke is certainly someone to check out even if you’re a die hard gym junkie. There is absolutely something new to learn from someone with this much technical knowledge breaking down every exercise for you.

Madalin Giorgetta

Another body positive influencer with a beautifully pastel feed. A huge proponent of anti-diet culture, Madalin created the world’s first non-diet fitness and health app, Work It. She underwent a transformation from strict fitness, no excuses fitness blogger to inclusive, health positive maven. Follow her for the latest updates on how to fight the fitness patriarchy or if you’re looking for a twee workout look via her workout line mimikini.

Simeon Panda

He has maybe one of the coolest names in the world, but also one of the most muscular bodies in the world. Simeon Panda is a British bodybuilding champion who was voted one of Forbes’ top influencers for fitness. After much success with the bodybuilding competition Musclemania, Panda created his own fitness program entitled Just Lift. He also offers classes and tips pointing to his YouTube channel, and although he’s mostly for those into heavy lifting, his strength is awe inspiring nonetheless.

Emily Skye

There’s no shortage of mommy influencers in the Instagram sphere, but Emily Skye’s focus on post-partum fitness makes her account a standout. Having had a child herself in the last few years, she comes to fitness with a renewed perspective having given birth and enduring the trauma that can cause to a body. She was a fitness instructor before she gave birth, but her focus now is on quick HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and reps that are easy to fit in during nap time and she even has a fitness program dedicated to pregnant women looking to stay fit. Definitely a recommended follow for new or expecting moms.

Rachel Brathen

Founder of Yoga Girl, Rachel Brathen also created the hashtag #yogaeverydamnday, so as you can imagine she’s a bit obsessed with her practice. The thing that makes Rachel’s feed so great is how down to earth and inclusive it is. She’s started a fitness empire where anybody can practice yoga from home, as well as the meditation and relaxation techniques that go along with it. Rachel also spoke out against harassment and abuse by yoga gurus and teachers when the Me Too movement hit the yoga community. She can be seen discussing consent in fitness in an episode of the New York Times/FX/Hulu series “The Weekly.”

Jennifer Rollin

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Since there are a bunch of new people here, I thought I’d re-introduce myself. 🙋🏼‍♀️ . I’m an eating disorder therapist and founder of @theeatingdisordercenter an outpatient therapy and coaching practice that works with people in Rockville, Maryland + worldwide via video 🌏 (link in my bio to learn more 🙌🏻) . I am incredibly passionate about eating disorder recovery, health at every size, & advocating against weight stigma and diet culture. . I write and speak about eating disorders on Fox, ABC, NBC, PBS, The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, conferences, therapy centers, and colleges. . I also have my own history of sexual trauma, an eating disorder, anxiety, and depression-which inspired me to help others who are struggling to find the same freedom that I did. I am grateful for my past struggles because they helped me to learn more about myself, become stronger, and develop a deep sense of empathy. . I can’t picture myself doing anything else than the work I am currently doing helping people to recover. . I’m an outgoing introvert (in that I enjoy being around people but need alone time to recharge), donut enthusiast, Ted talk junkie, wanna-be plant lady 😂, dog lover, and old soul. . Raise your hand if you can relate to any of my descriptors 🙋🏼‍♀️ . Want more? 🌟 Therapy: Schedule a free 15 minute consult for therapy or coaching-worldwide via video. (Link in my bio). 👩🏼‍💻 Courses: treating clients with bulimia and BED, body image issues, compulsive exercise. For individuals in recovery-Recovery from anorexia, recovery from binge eating, and body image course (Link is my bio-then go to services-eating disorder trainings).

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For some, constantly staring at images of super toned bodies and being given workout routines is not ideal, and that’s where Jennifer Rollin comes in. Her feed is filled with positive messaging around food and fitness, coming from a licensed therapist. Although her specialty is therapy for eating disorders, I’ve found her feed very helpful and positive for for every day trials, such as fear and guilt surrounding fitness.

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