Tamari is a superb drizzle for your steamed veggies. Tamari, says FoodFuser, is the delicious liquid that puddles out of vats of miso as the miso ages. In flavor and complexity, it’s a step above brewed soy sauce. Buy it from specialty or gourmet stores and local co-ops. It will probably run you about $5 a bottle, and the good stuff shouldn’t have alcohol or salt as an ingredient.

andytee offers these other suggestions for drizzling your veggies: Try Tohum brand natural tahini. The seeds are wood-fire toasted and very tasty. It’s especially great over steamed bok choy and brown rice. A mix of toasted sesame oil and lime juice with a little flaked chile pepper livens up steamed veggies, too. Sherry vinegar is also welcome among our vegetable friends—mix miso, sherry vinegar, and butter, and serve over asparagus. And if you don’t mind a little sugar, kecap manis (a sweet Indonesian soy sauce) is a thick, molasses-textured drizzle with a great flavor. Or try some gomasio (a Japanese blend of roasted sesame seeds and salt, and sometimes nori seaweed as well).

Jim Leff himself likes Philippine kalamansi sauce drizzled over his steamed veggies, at least when he’s not counting his prayer beads in an ashram while drinking hemp milk and chanting. It’s based on cheap soy sauce, but the addition of tart, fragrant kalamansi (a small citrus fruit that’s quite sour and smells like tangerine) makes it great.

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