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New year, same us. We’re back and bigger than ever (literally) to delve into 2020’s newest snack options. Many, unsurprisingly, are actually healthy and keto-friendly, which means you can thank us later when you’re counting your picture-perfect macro spread. Nearly everything we sampled on this week’s Taylor Strecker Show is found on Amazon, so stock up and report back on your favorites. We reveal ours from the list below.

Quevos Egg White Chips (Sour Cream & Onion)

Keto practicers, rejoice! These are a fantastic high-fat, low-carb treat for anyone who misses the joys of potato chips. Sour Cream & Onion is my favorite flavor, though you’d be remiss to not try them all and determine which one you’d like to incorporate into your daily snacking rotation (where it will inevitably end up. Trust me on this one.).

Mighty Sesame Co. TahiniBAR (Pistachio)

This bar was really flavorful! And we appreciate the fact that it comes individually wrapped since it’d be all-too-easy to eat more than just one. Pistachio was obviously a fantastic flavor choice, because who doesn’t like pistachios? If that person is you, please exit stage left. Thank you.

Beanfield’s Bean Chips (Nacho)

We definitely had mixed opinions about this one. While the texture was great (it almost reminded us of authentic, oily tortilla chips found in Mexican restaurants), the taste volleyed from salty and scrumptious to borderline artificial. Ultimately, they grew on and us and we liked them. We just want to try them in a different flavor. Kudos to the incorporation of beans, though, since we’re all about protein nowadays.

34 Degrees Crisps (Natural)

These are pretty standard crackers. They’re an upgrade to communion wafers, but they’re not particularly special on their own. That being said, they do make a perfect vessel for dips, spreads, sauces, and cheese. Definitely serve them on a charcuterie board where they’ll *really* shine.

Tony’s Chocolonely Limited Edition Bars (White Turmeric Chai Coconut, Dark Chili Fudge Peppercorn, Milk Honeycomb Thyme)

Oh…my…goodness. Tony’s Chocolonely strikes again with another impressive assortment of limited edition chocolate bars. Their white chocolate popping raspberry variety was already named a Best Friday Food Find of 2019 and they’re back with—dare I say this—even better offerings in 2020. The milk chocolate honeycomb thyme was our favorite with turmeric chai a close second. Hershey’s lovers: Please do yourself a favor and ditch that boring “chocolate” for this ridiculously delicious, sustainably harvested, and fair trade option. You won’t look back.

Tabasco Rocoto Pepper Sauce

This online-exclusive bottle certainly packs a punch, but we liked it! It’s thicker than Tabasco’s standard flavor (almost like the Chipotle) and will really hold up well against the Americanized Mexican food you’ve grown to love (cough, Chipotle and Taco Bell). Let’s see if they’ll make it a permanent staple to their already-famous line-up.

Flock Chicken Chips

Another keto snack for the win! If you love fried chicken, but not the carbs associated with thick and heavy batters, these are the crunchy morsels for you. They’re certainly not low in fat, but they’re high in protein, making it a perfect indulgence for dieters craving a taste of diet’s past.

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