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Have you ever finished a trip, only to find yourself needing a vacation from that vacation? Between endless hours of sightseeing and indulging in extravagant meals (not to mention the cocktails!), traveling can wear you out—but it doesn’t have to.

A number of gorgeous, culture-filled destinations around the world give travelers a chance to use their precious PTO days in a healthy way. Think: Stand-up paddleboard yoga and fresh squeezed juices by the beach in the Caribbean, medicinal gardens and waterfall hikes in Central America, and thermal baths in Europe.

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Here are six places to travel for healthy getaways this year.


Aruba’s stunning white sand beaches, mangrove-lined waters, and world-class resorts have long put the destination at the top of people’s vacation bucket lists. “The Happy Island” transforms into a healthy paradise every June for its annual Aloe Wellness Month. Travelers have the chance to indulge in nourishing meals from Aruba’s top chefs, try downward-facing dog pose on a paddleboard in the ocean, meditate in the Butterfly Farm, and soothe their skin with spa treatments that highlight the healthy destination’s most celebrated ingredient, aloe vera.

Where to stay: The Ritz-Carlton Aruba gives healthy-minded travelers a relaxing atmosphere to restore their bodies and minds. Don’t miss the resort’s 15,000-square-foot beachfront spa.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui might just be the ultimate health and wellness playground in the United States. Travelers can start each day with the island’s signature superfood-packed breakfast, açaí bowls, before paddling around the coast with local watermen and practicing yoga on the beach. (See more sporty excursions offered through Airbnb Experiences.) Complete your healthy getaway to Maui with a lomi lomi massage, a therapeutic rubdown that incorporates traditional native Hawaiian medicine.

Where to stay: There’s no better choice for healthy vacation accommodations than the Westin Maui Resort & Spa. The recently renovated resort has an entire menu of wellness foods and beds specially designed to promote sleep.

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Kinosaki Onsen, Japan

One of Japan’s most revered resort towns, Kinosaki Onsen has been a go-to destination for healthy getaways for centuries. The quaint, friendly town is known for its therapeutic hot springs (onsen) that are equal parts relaxing and healing. Your hotel will provide you with a robe and wooden slippers to wear around town—the most convenient outfit for hopping around Kinosaki Onsen’s seven public bathhouses. If you get hungry, dig into eggs boiled in hot spring water at small shops around town or the local specialty: snow crab.

Where to stay: Experience a unique stay at a traditional ryokan (inn) at Nishimuraya Honkan. Guests can enter the inn’s lush Japanese garden (perfect for morning meditations!) from many of the rooms and enjoy exclusive access to private onsen on the property.

San Ignacio, Belize

San Ignacio makes for the perfect base to explore Belize’s thriving healthy travel scene. Positive vibes pulse through every street of the creative town, where you can sample chaya (a nutritious spinach-like veggie) at nearly all of the local restaurants. It’s also a convenient jumping off point for wellness-inspired excursions to Belize’s secret waterfalls and Medicinal Plants Trail.

Where to stay: If waking up to the sounds of tropical bird calls from your private casita in the jungle sounds like the relaxing getaway you’ve been looking for, Ka’ana Resort’s got you covered.

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St. George, Utah

Healthy getaways get active in St. George, Utah. The town abounds with natural landscapes that lend themselves to outdoor adventures. Travelers can climb up or rappel down steep red rock cliffs, hike through Snow Canyon State Park and see petroglyphs, go birdwatching at the Tonaquint Nature Center, and take excursions to Zion National Park. It’s an ideal destination for travelers who want to challenge their bodies and come home from their vacation feeling healthier than ever.

Where to stay: One of the best health resorts in the country, Red Mountain Resort gives travelers the chance to personalize a retreat that helps them feel amazing. Its on-site restaurant also offers nutrient-packed meals to keep you fueled for every adventure.

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Baden-Baden, Germany

If your idea of a healthy getaway involves spending time in spas for days on end, book a trip to Baden-Baden. Travelers have been heading to the spa town in Southwest Germany for hundreds of years to take a nude dip in its famous thermal baths. The hot spring-fed waters, channelled into the Roman baths at Friedrichsbad Spa, are chock-full of healing minerals that are said to benefit the skin and cardiovascular system. The healthy getaway hot spot also invites travelers to bike along flower-lined paths around town and hike through the Black Forest.

Where to stay: While the hotel is just a short walk from Baden-Baden’s thermal baths, the five-star Dorint Maison Messmer has its own intimate spa that’s just as relaxing. Spend some time in the sauna, then head upstairs to your luxurious room for a great night’s sleep.

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