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When it comes to morning coffee, consistency and ease-of-use are as important as anything. That’s exactly what folks seem to love about the Ninja 12-cup coffee maker, currently on discount to less than $60 at Best Buy as its Deal of the Day. 

The slick Ninja coffee system uses precision temperature control to deliver 12 cups of flavorful hot coffee each and every time. A removable water reservoir makes for easy filling and the warming plate keeps your fresh coffee hot as you and your family work your way through the pot.

Best Buy also has a handy Insignia 20-cup rice maker half off down to $50, also for today only. If cooking rice the old fashioned way gives you fits, consider this well-rated cooker for perfectly fluffy rice each and every time. But surprise, it’s not just a rice cooker! This model can also steam, sauté and slow cook so you’ll get much more mileage out of it than a typical rice cooker.

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Both the Ninja coffee system and Insignia rice cooker can be purchased online and picked up in-store. Or take advantage of Best Buy’s fast and free shipping and have your new kitchen gadgets by Friday.

Ninja 12-Cup Coffee Maker, $60 at Best Buy

Best Buy

Get perfectly brewed coffee each morning with this Ninja 12-cup coffee system currently down under $60 at Best Buy.Buy Now

Amazon has price-matched the Ninja coffee maker in case you prefer to buy from that retailer.

Insignia 10-Cup Rice Cooker, $50 at Best Buy

Best Buy

This multifunction rice cooker does much more than a batch of basmati. Use it as a warmer, slow cooker, steamer and more.Buy Now

Header image courtesy of Best Buy.

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