Christmas PieCaken
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Whether you regard it with wonder or trepidation, the PieCaken is truly an impressive thing to behold. The hybrid dessert with layers of pie, cake, and frosting elicits delight (and other strong emotions) every Thanksgiving. But did you know there is a Goldbelly Christmas PieCaken too?

Dessert genius Zac Young does not disappoint:

The Goldbelly Christmas PieCaken, $99

The most glorious Christmas dessert of all.
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Whereas the original autumn version of his PieCaken creation combines classic Turkey Day desserts (pumpkin pie, pecan pie, spice cake, and apple pie filling, to be exact)—and is subdued yet striking in fall leaf tones of brown and orange—this winter holiday transformation is extremely merry and bright:

Christmas PieCaken


The Goldbelly Christmas PieCaken is primarily Rudolph red and snowy white, with a smattering of green sprinkles on top for contrast.

It’s full of seasonal flavor too. Cut into the vanilla buttercream topped with tart cherry pie filling and you’ll find a strata of red velvet cake, eggnog cheesecake, and pecan pie (bolstered by more buttercream between each layer). Santa himself would surely pass up cookies for this festive confection.

And seriously, who needs a yule log?

You can order a Goldbelly Christmas PieCaken online, but it’s likely to sell out soon.

If you want to try your hand at making one at home (bless you, and good luck), we can help with the components:

You are on your own when it comes to neatly stacking them all up and getting the buttercream to hold them all together. But please tag us on Instagram if you try!

Also, if the original PieCaken is “the turducken of desserts,” does that make the Christmas PieCaken the beef Wellington?

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While this would be an incredibly impressive Christmas dinner showpiece (no one would even remember the ham and its glaze of glory, let alone the darling edible bread wreath…), there is no shame in sticking to classic cookies instead, or trying one of our other Christmas dessert recipes.

Yule Log Stump Cake

Our Yule Stump Cake, for instance

For a hybrid option that’s still relatively easy, Yolanda Gampp taught us how to make cakies. Still too hard? You can always mail order something sweet.

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