It seemed like the ultimate new underground-foodie thrill: turning your apartment into an abattoir-cum-restaurant, just for a night!

While David Curran mused about the life-and-death lessons of Poultry Parenting on SFGate, and Frank “Does This Leopard Print Make Me Look Fat?” Bruni was paying $800 for the ultimate (well, almost ultimate) room service, an enterprising Gotham posse was cutting right to the chase.

As posted on Thrillist, the fearless Fresh Meats clan was ready to dispatch a live chicken, duck, rabbit, or other similarly small, cuddly, pet-carrier-sized animal right in your bathtub. After doing the deed, they’d butcher, cook, and serve it up to you. Now that’s some fresh direct!

Alas, however appealing the whole Pyscho-meets–Fatal Attraction scenario might have been, media-news blog Gawker gleefully outed Fresh Meats as a hoax just a few hours after the original posting.

Celebrating April Fools’ Day a little early (since the caged-office-worker market is much livelier during working hours), Thrillist didn’t put the heads of any Cornish game hens on the block, but it did sucker a whole lot of readers ready to get really local with their meat.

Then again, this being New York, one commenter posted on Gawker, “I have $10 that says this is real within a year.”

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