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Christmas cookies come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, and guises, but cut-out sugar cookies are some of the most iconic, so we collected some of the best Christmas cookie cutters for the merriest cookie plate of all time.

Technically, any cookie cutter can be used to make a Christmas cookie; pipe a jaunty scarf on a dinosaur or a string of lights around a flamingo, or give a unicorn cookie a candy cane striped horn, and they’ll all fit right in with the usual shapes of Santa, reindeer, and snowmen.

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Still, we focused mostly on more traditional shapes—with a few fun exceptions, and one option for people who just don’t mess with rolling dough.

Large Snowflake Copper-Plated Cookie Cutter, $7.96 at Sur La Table

copper snowflake cookie cutter

Sur La Table

Stock up on a set of assorted snowflake cookie cutters to bake up a whole flurry of sweet treats, or make a batch of large, intricately detailed flakes with this copper cutter. It’s pretty enough that you could even hang it as an ornament once you’re finished baking.Buy Now

Nordic Ware Holiday Cookie Stamp Cut-Outs, 3 for $32 on Food52

Nordic Ware Holiday Cookie Stamp Cut-Outs


Cookie stamps not only cut out perfect, petite shapes (in this set, holly, ornaments, and candy canes), they emboss your dough with fine details—so frosting is totally optional, but a sprinkle of sugar never hurt.Buy Now

Liliao Running Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter, $4.99 on Amazon

running gingerbread man cookie cutter


Gingerbread men are always charming, whether you go with the classic shape, action-tastic ninjabread men cutters, or this cheeky cutter that catches the gingerbread morsel in the act of running away. A little macabre, maybe, but is it any more so than eating people-shaped cookies in the first place?Buy Now

Ann Clark Christmas Tree Truck Cookie Cutter, $5.99 on Amazon

ChristmaAnn Clark Christmas Tree Truck Cookie Cutter


Love the vibe of vintage automobiles with trees tied on top or propped in the bed of a pickup truck? These cookie cutters (here’s a slightly different style) bring it straight to your dessert plate—and no doubt direct to social media before anyone’s allowed to take a bite. Since these really pop with the right decorating job, see how to ice cookies like a pro.Buy Now

3D Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter Set, $8.45 on Amazon

3D Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter Set


Want to try your hand at a 3D edible tree? This cookie cutter set will help—the descending sizes are meant to be stacked up into a tree once baked; again, icing really sells it. You can also use them as star shaped cutters and simply not stack the cookies once they’re cooled.Buy Now

StarPack 18-Piece Christmas Cookie Set, $19.48 on Amazon

StarPack 18-Piece Christmas Cookie Set


If this is your first year in charge of sugar cookies or you just need new cutters after your old set gave up the ghost of Christmas past, this 18-piece set has shapes for just about everything you’d associate with the season, including reindeer, candy canes, stockings, snowflakes, and trees. (Wilton’s set is similar, but has a present, ornament, wreath, Santa, and sleigh in case you’re missing those shapes.)Buy Now

Ann Clark 3-Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set, $9.99 on Amazon

Ann Clark 3-Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set


If you like larger cookies and want to focus on faces, this trio of Santa, snowman, and reindeer cookie cutters is a great deal with plenty of space to perfect your flooding and fill in all the fine details.Buy Now

Liliao Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter with Star, $4.99 on Amazon

Liliao Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter with Star


A good Christmas tree cookie cutter is a must, and this large (5.6-inch) one includes a star to top it off, which is a nice touch. If you’re not great at intricate icing, you can easily get creative with colored sprinkles and metallic dragees on a plain green background. Pro tip: M&Ms make perfect Christmas lights!Buy Now

Bakerpan Plaque Cookie Cutters, 2 for $6.95 on Amazon

Bakerpan Plaque Cookie Cutters


These may not look super festive at first glance, but we’re thinking they’d made wonderful edible gift tags (just use a skewer to punch a small hole in the top of each cookie before you bake them), and if you have a steady hand, you can deck them out in all sorts of designs.Buy Now

Christmas Sweater Cookie Cutter, $4.99 on Amazon

Christmas Sweater Cookie Cutter


Here’s one where decorating skills—or lack thereof—aren’t that big of a deal; pay homage to the ugly sweater if you can’t pipe perfect cable knit and go wild with the decoration, the gaudier the better.Buy Now

Leg Lamp Cookie Cutter, $5.99 on Amazon

Leg Lamp Cookie Cutter


If “A Christmas Story” is part of your holiday movie rotation, this leg lamp cookie cutter is obviously a must-have. Just don’t roll the dough too thin or they’ll be…fragile.Buy Now

Rite Lite Hanukkah Cookie Cutters, 3 for $7.72 on Amazon

Rite Lite Hanukkah Cookie Cutters


Who said sugar cookies are just for Christmas? Bake some Hanukkah treats with this trio of cutters (a dreidel, a star of David, and a menorah). Frost in blue and white and celebrate the festival of bites.Buy Now

Kalaien Stainless Steel Mini Gingerbread House Cutter Set, $5.99 on Amazon

mini gingerbread house cookie cutters


Full-scale gingerbread houses are already adorable, and their cuteness only increases the smaller they get. Use these as mug toppers for Insta-worthy hot cocoa, or set out an edible, miniature Christmas village instead of a plain old cookie plate.Buy Now

Jokumo 11-Piece Linzer Cookie Cutter Set, $23 on Amazon

Jokumo 11-Piece Linzer Cookie Cutter Set


A step up from simple sugar cookies, linzer cookies sandwich jam between flavorful rounds of dough, and the tops include small cut-out shapes in the center to give you a window into the filling (and a little jolt of holiday joy).Buy Now

Embossed Rolling Pins, 3 for $32.90 on Etsy

embossed rolling pins Christmas cookies

Happy Rolling Pin/Etsy

If you prefer patterns to royal icing, embossed rolling pins press designs into your dough before you cut out simple shapes. This set of pins includes trees, snowflakes, and a Christmas collage of various holiday emblems. A light dusting of sugar is all the resulting cookies will need to shine.Buy Now

OXO Good Grips Cookie Press, $29.95

OXO Good Grips Cookie Press


Another option that’s not a cutter, but is perfect for people who hate rolling out dough: a spritz cookie press. Also called a cookie gun, this is a lot like the Play-Dough set you probably used to play with. Interchangeable metal plates let you extrude dough in the shape of snowmen, Santa, stars, and more. It requires a little practice, but if you can’t wrangle a rolling pin, this might be your new favorite baking tool.Buy Now

For more festive tips, tricks, and recipes, visit our Holiday Headquarters. And see our Ultimate Guide to Christmas Cookies too.

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