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Love someone who loves chocolate? They’re probably the easiest person on your list to buy a Christmas gift for. Just find the best local boutique chocolate shop and buy them a box of treats. But if you don’t have a local chocolate shop, can’t get to it, or are looking for something a little different, we rounded up the best Christmas gifts for chocolate lovers on your list—and you can buy them all online.

Of course, you should also definitely treat yourself to a little something…think of it as self-care to help alleviate seasonal stress.

Bean Box Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box, $38

Bean Box Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box

Bean Box

Chocolate and coffee are perfect for each other, and this tasting box combines them for a treat that will inspire true love. A curated selection of four coffees from some of Seattle’s best roasters and four Seattle-made artisanal chocolate bars to complement them, this comes with tasting notes on each pairing too.Buy Now

Theo Chocolate Organic Fantasy Flavors Bars, 5 for $24.99 on Amazon

Theo Chocolate Organic Fantasy Flavors Bars


A fat stack of chocolate bars tied up with string…definitely makes our list of favorite things. These bars from Seattle chocolatier Theo come in five intriguing flavors: Bread and Chocolate (70 percent dark with buttery breadcrumbs and salt); Cinnamon Horchata (warmly spiced milk chocolate); Hazelnut Crunch (milk chocolate with hazelnut brittle); Root Beer Barrel (crunchy root beer candy in dark chocolate); and Grapefruit Ginger (zesty, citrusy dark chocolate). Heads-up: this gift pack is only $15 on the Theo site right now.Buy Now

Peppermint Bark Tin, $20 at Sur La Table

Sur La Table Peppermint Bark Tin

Sur La Table

Is it really Christmas without peppermint bark? Not only is this creamy confection layered with white chocolate and dark chocolate—and sprinkled with minty candy cane crunch—it comes in a charming candy shop tin that will probably be brought out as decor every year. At the very least, it will be home to future Christmas cookies.Buy Now

“Bean-to-Bar Chocolate” by Megan Giller, $14.82 on Amazon

"Bean-to-Bar Chocolate" by Megan Giller


This book delves into the country’s craft chocolate revolution and covers all the ins and outs of the sweet (and sometimes not-so-sweet) stuff, from how chocolate is made to how you can pair it with everything from coffee and booze to cheese and bread. It even includes recipes for chocolate treats from master chefs, and busts a few persistent chocolate myths.Buy Now

Coop’s Hot Fudge Sauce, $16.59 on Amazon

Mexican rCoop's Hot Fudge Sauce


This is haute hot fudge sauce, made from fresh cream, salted butter, chocolate, cocoa powder, and sugar (including some brown sugar for extra depth). Dark, rich, and bittersweet, it’s amazing on ice cream, but also on pretzels, cake, or straight off a spoon. (Stonewall Kitchen’s chocolate peanut butter and salted caramel chocolate sauces are pretty great too.)Buy Now

Double Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies, $4.50 on Mouth

Double Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies


If your giftee prefers a little chew, these crisp chocolate shortbread cookies sandwiched around thick, fluffy chocolate marshmallows are a must. And they can be microwaved until a little gooey for a s’mores-inspired treat; just have napkins at the ready.Buy Now

Harney & Sons Chocolate Tea, $11.99 on Amazon

Harney & Sons Chocolate Tea


Drinking cocoa for breakfast is best saved for special occasions (like a holiday brunch, or Christmas morning), but this smooth-drinking chocolate flavored black tea is a great alternative that you can incorporate into your daily routine.Buy Now

Chocolate Strawberry Ornament, $9.56 at Sur La Table

Chocolate Strawberry Ornament

Sur La Table

Food-themed ornaments have gone way beyond the traditional Christmas pickle, and these chocolate-covered strawberry ornaments are perfect for your favorite cacao obsessive. (The chocolate-dipped biscotti ornament is pretty cute too, though.)Buy Now

Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao, $24.99+ on Drizly

Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao

Tempus Fugit

Chocolate cocktails have never been better than with this indulgent, vanilla-infused creme de cacao based on a 19th century recipe. It’s a syrupy liqueur that’s quite sweet but also has a great chocolate flavor. Sneak a sip on its own, and maybe try it over vanilla ice cream in between mixed drinks.Buy Now

Chocolate Molecule Necklace, $14.95 on Etsy

Chocolate Molecule Necklace

Piccadilly Pendants/Etsy

Let your chocolate fanatic wear their love on their sleeve—well, collar—in the form of a delicate silver or gold necklace in the shape of a theobromine molecule.Buy Now

Zoe’s Chocolate Co. Sesame Tahini Chocolate Gift Box, $19 on Food52

sesame tahini chocolates


Chocolate-covered halvah is a fantastic treat, but these squares of sesame-cocoa goodness are even better: There’s pure sesame puree, milk chocolate, and toasty sesame brittle inside the dark chocolate shells, with a sprinkle of seeds to top each one off.Buy Now

Jeteven Non-Stick Polycarbonate Chocolate Molds, $11.99 on Amazon

Jeteven Non-Stick Polycarbonate Chocolate Molds


If your chocolate lover also loves to DIY, gift them these gemstone-faceted chocolate molds so they can create their own boutique confections. Ideally, throw in a bag of Valrhona féves so they can start experimenting right away (with the good stuff).Buy Now

French Art Nouveau Chocolate Poster, $23.34 on Etsy

French Art Nouveau Chocolate Poster

Old Poster Shop/Etsy

Any fan of vintage-style art prints would be delighted to hang this on their wall; the fact that it involves chocolate only sweetens the deal.Buy Now

Maison Boissier Parisian Yuzu Infused Chocolate Petals, $39 on Food52

Maison Boissier Parisian Yuzu Infused Chocolate Petals


Oh la la! These delicate blonde chocolate wafers infused with citrusy yuzu are unlike anything you’ve put a bow on before. They’re creamy little morsels of heaven from a fab French confectioner, and you don’t even need to fly to Paris to nab them.Buy Now

Decadent Chocolate Fondue, $20 each on Uncommon Goods

Decadent Chocolate Fondue

Uncommon Goods

These sleek stoneware crocks of rich Belgian chocolate can be heated in the microwave for almost-instant fondue, no Sterno required. It makes a great host or hostess gift, and it will stay warm for about an hour, so it’s perfect to set out at a party and share. But if you’re eating solo, you can reheat the fondue later (if there’s actually any left). Choose from three flavors: Dark Chocolate Espresso, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, or Dark Chocolate Fleur de Sel.Buy Now

John & Kira’s Chocolate Figs, 12 for $39.95

John & Kira's Chocolate Figs

John & Kira’s

Chocolate covered figs are a wonderfully sophisticated (and delicious) treat, but these double down on the cocoa; they’re also stuffed with a whiskey-infused chocolate ganache. Swoon.Buy Now

What You Missed

We’ll be sure to update if these come back in stock.

Whimsy and Spice Chocolate Whiskey Sandwich Cookies, $11.50 on Mouth — out of stock

Whimsy and Spice Chocolate Whiskey Sandwich Cookies


These sandwich cookies are not for kids—a layer of smooth whiskey-infused ganache awaits between two crisp hazelnut-chocolate chunk cookies. They’re equally great with milk or coffee, but also happily stand alone…just not for long, because they’re seriously delicious.Buy Now

Ticket Chocolate Assorted Chocolate Bark, $25 on Food52 — out of stock

Ticket Chocolate Assorted Chocolate Bark


This trio of gourmet chocolate bark captures some of the best seasonal flavors: peppermint; gingerbread; and coconut (with almonds). Plus, they look great with their festive swirls and sprinkles. Split them up between a few stockings, or be nice and give them all to one lucky recipient.Buy Now

Chocolate Brussels Sprouts, $13.04+ on Etsy — currently unavailable

Chocolate Brussels Sprouts

Choc on Choc/Etsy

In the realm of quirky chocolate gifts, these have the edge over chocolate toothpaste because, well, they’re actually made of chocolate (and yes, white chocolate is, in fact, chocolate). The only hitch: They ship from the U.K. so you’re almost out of time to get them before Christmas.Buy Now

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