Passover is next week. Do you know where your matzo is coming from? If you live in the United States, it’ll probably be coming from the Manischewitz factory in New Jersey. It makes 75 million sheets of matzo each year for the Passover holiday. Most are eaten; some are turned into art. According to “Passover serious business for ‘matzoh maven,’” an AP article picked up by San Diego’s North County Times:

During the season for Passover products, between seven and 11 mashgiachim, or kosher supervisors, work for the rabbi to inspect the matzoh products.

One is stationed in Pennsylvania for six months to oversee the Passover production of the flour as it is grown, milled and trucked to New Jersey in 40,000-pound tankers. Between five and eight tankers will deliver the flour for 20 straight weeks. The company also manufactures matzoh under the Horowitz-Margareten … and Goodman’s labels.

Despite the ubiquity of the Manischewitz product, some prefer their matzo handmade. They like it for the taste, of course, but also because, for very observant Jews, machine-made matzo doesn’t make the grade for the Passover table. The big, round, rough-looking sheets of the handmade stuff definitely are more appealing than those uniform squares. Maybe this guy can be convinced to deliver (registration required).

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