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Flock’s rotisserie chicken chips come in three bold flavors, and have us breaking up with our old chips.

Every so often, an intriguing bag of new or limited-edition snackery comes floating across my desk to try. I sample lots of snacks both in and out of work because, well, I really love them. Some (I’d say most), while inoffensive, don’t make a very big impression or change much about my personal snacking paradigm, while others, like Fried Onion Ring Pringles (when are you coming back to me?!), totally do.

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Flock, a new low-carb rotisserie chicken skin snack, recently landed both on my desk and soundly in the latter category, and are a must-have snack for carnivorous keto-types looking for a tasty replacement for carb-loaded potato chips. Tiny golden curls made from chicken skin (not unlike pork rinds), these beauties somehow manage to be light and airy, while maintaining the full-flavor, salt, and slight greasiness that we expect from rotisserie chicken skin (when done properly).

While not exactly low in calories (170 per small 2-ounce bag), Flock chips pack a real protein punch—12 grams to be exact—and just two total net carbs, which means you can pop a bag or two, and feel like you’re treating yourself without messing up all that Paleo progress. But these chips aren’t just for the carb-minded among us. They’re just plain flockin’ delicious.

Flock Rotisserie Chicken Chips (8-pack), $24 on Flock Foods

Flock Foods

There is plenty of deep-fried chicken flavor in the plain version, but Flock chips also come in salt & vinegar and BBQ flavors, too. Flock chips are sold in select stores and can be ordered online at at $3 per bag.Buy Now

Header image courtesy of Flock Foods

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