The space race is on! Again! Rather than worrying about who will be the first in space, it’s now all about who will be the first to replace freeze-dried ice cream with celebrity-cheffed food.

Earlier this week, a CNN article announced that meals prepared by Alain Ducasse’s fair French hands were recently warped off to the International Space Station. Lucky German astronaut Thomas Reiter will get to sup on a menu that includes caponata, roasted quails in a Madiran wine sauce, and celery root purée with nutmeg.

However, the French are not the first to blast food into haute-r space (CNN’s pun, not mine!). Superchefblog reported back in August that, although the European Space Agency (ESA) announced two years ago that Alain Ducasse would be cooking for the stars, our very own NASA “has been secretly conducting its own race against the clock to get an American chef in space.” That worthy American chef? Emeril Lagasse.

It all comes down to simple semantics. Just as United Press International states that Emeril was the first great space roaster to have his food shot into space, Superchefblog insists Ducasse was the first to develop food for space:

While Emeril’s food may be on its way via shuttle to become the first food served in outer space, Emeril is not, as UPI claims, the first star chef to develop food for space: Ducasse is. Besides, Emeril is sending along a mere five recipes: The bigger story is that Ducasse has been developing an entire food system that focuses on ingredients actually raised on space stations and even rockets.

I think Ducasse should take comfort in the fact that in space, no one can hear you BAM!

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