I am a huge geek. I collected more Star Wars action figures than Barbies. I dressed up like Princess Leia in kindergarten. I secretly call my car the Defiant, and I have long held a dream of sculpting the U.S.S. Enterprise in meringue.

Since I still consider it a childhood tragedy that my sister and I never got our hands on a full-size Millennium Falcon, this genius cookie spreads chocolaty balm on my disappointed little soul. Look how wee! Look how delicious! Look how I pretend to be that ginormous space worm in Star Wars: Episode V—The Empire Strikes Back and toss the cookie down my gullet!

Maybe if Toronto-based pastry chef Blair Fukumura made me several dozen of them, I could pile them into this Darth Vader cookie jar.

However, considering that my MacBook tries valiantly to give me third-degree burns on a daily basis, I’m just sad that I never thought of cooking on my computer.

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