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Booze may be a safe Christmas gifting bet for many people but it can also be a little boring, predictable, uninspired, and impersonal. I mean, if you sat back and made a batch of wine, whiskey, or beer to give out as gifts we might give you a pass but otherwise, a bottle of wine is not likely to stick out in the sea of gift-giving this time of year.

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But that doesn’t mean you should discount the category altogether. Wine-inspired gifts can make a much more fun way to surprise and delight the wine drinker on your list. From giggle-inducing wine glasses to gadgetry 007 herself would approve of, these are some the best vino and vino-adjacent gifts to give a wine lover.

The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil, $18.34 on Amazon


Karen MacNeil’s seminal work on wine is a must-have for any true wine drinker. Many have lauded it as the most complete wine book ever, and it contains loads of useful and usable information no matter what level wine drinker you are, from the history of wine and wine-making to the intricacies of the many regions and varietals.Buy Now

Wine Wand Sulfite & Histamine Filter (pack of 8), $19.99 on Amazon


There are mixed feelings (including from myself) about how effective the Wine Wand actually is in delivering on its claims to alleviate wine hangovers. When dipped into a glass of wine, the filter is said to remove histamines and sulfites which many attribute that next-day fogginess to. A pack of eight is just $20 which, if it works for you, is a small price to pay for a clear morning after.Buy Now

T-Rex Wine Bottle Stopper, $24 on Etsy


This handmade T-Rex wine stopper is a fun way to cap that unfinished bottle of wine. I’m told that dinosaurs don’t drink, so you don’t have to worry about this guy pilfering a glass (but no guarantees).Buy Now

Rainbow Wine Decanter, $24.99 on Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond

This funky wine decanter makes a lovely wine gift and looks like it cost way more than 25 bucks. It’s not just a good way to get all-important oxygen flowing through your wine, but a nice addition to your holiday dinner table decor.Buy Now

Vintage Wine Rack & Glass Holder, $34.99 on Amazon


Form meets function with this gold-brushed metal wine rack bookended with smart, built-in wine glass holders. It makes the most of a small space and it looks pretty cool too. Update: This is currently only available from third party sellers, but here’s a similar gold rack without the glass holders.Buy Now

White Wine Corsickle, $24.95 on Sur La Table

Sur La Table

Keeping a bottle of white chilled once it lands on the table isn’t easy, especially if you have some semblance of tact and drink your wine at a normal human pace. (No judgments if you don’t.) This wine “corksickle” does exactly what you think it would do, plus it aerates the wine as you pour. That’s what we in the biz call a “wine-win-win”!Buy Now

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Wine-Inspired Soaps (set of 4), $28 on Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods

These clever soaps aren’t made from wine but with ingredients and notes meant to replicate popular varietals like berry, plum, and apple for “Pinot Noir,” and bright citrus for “Chardonnay.” A pack of four is less than $30 and would make a great stocking stuffer.Buy Now

Shark-Infested Wine Glass, $29.95 on Etsy


I’m not usually one for gag gifts, but I can’t help it with this one. I love the idea and the execution is even better. I’m sure washing these shark-infested wine glasses is a bit tricky, but totally worth it for the parade of chuckles.Buy Now

Wine MasterClass with James Suckling, $90 on MasterClass


Of all the many sub-categories in the food world, wine is one of the more complex. That said, a bit of knowledge, know-how, and the vocabulary to both understand and express it all goes a long way in helping one enjoy wine more. That’s why an intimate online course with a master like James Suckling—a renowned American wine critic—makes a great gift for the wine drinker you suspect would like to dive a bit deeper.Buy Now

Ullo Wine Purifier and Handblown Carafe, $130 on Amazon


Ullo works to purify wine, removing sulfites and sediment, which could be great especially if you drink a lot of wines with residual sediment or “dregs,” as it’s sometimes known. The handblown carafe can be used with or without the filter, too.Buy Now

A Cool Bottle of Bubbles to Saber, $199

Coup Champagne

If you’ve got a brave and gadget-obsessed someone on your list, this bottle of Coup Champagne (aged 12 years), a sleek stopper, and saber is a total win. Sabering, if you don’t know, is the ultra-flamboyant art of opening a bottle of Champagne with a sword. Coup Champagne has managed to create a safe saber that does the job but won’t separate you from your hand should it slip. But still….please be careful, and practice on a lesser bottle of bubbles.Buy Now

A Wine Subscription

Winc wine subscription box


OK, so I know I said giving wine was impersonal but the one exception may be a subscription. Namely, because a lot of these subscriptions can be personalized, and have an engagement and discovery factor, so you’re really giving more than just wine. It’s a sort of a wine experience. Here are some of our favorite wine subscriptions to give yourself or gift this year.Buy Now

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