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Can you believe that we only have one more Chub Chub Chowdown segment left in 2019 on the Taylor Strecker Show? This year has flown by faster than the first fleet of Popeyes’ spicy chicken sandwiches that debuted in August, which is, like, Usain Bolt-levels of fast. Needless to say, we’re obviously super excited to announce our Top 10 Friday Food Finds of 2019. Do you think any of the products below stand a chance? You’ll find out soon enough! In the meantime, try everything for yourself and share your favorites.

Fat Snax Keto Cookies

Unfortunately, these were a miss for the bunch. The texture was a bit grainy and the stevia is overwhelmingly present with each bite. That being said, they are a good sweet indulgence for anyone who is strictly (and I mean strictly) following a diet. (Though we’re not entirely sure dieters, even those who are keto, will want to grab anything with “fat” in its name. There was a mixed marketing opportunity by not calling these “Phat.”)

Smart Sweets Peach Rings

We raved about the gummy bears last year, but Smart Sweets has outdone itself with these tangy peach rings. The texture is addictively delicious, but we’re most impressed with the low sugar content and whoppingly high amount of fiber. You’ll need to monitor that last one, though, because at 28 grams per serving, these may send you straight to the bathroom instead of back to the kitchen. Not that we know from personal experience or anything. Either way, these are perfect for the candy-obsessed who are looking for a lifestyle change.

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Lay’s

Something is entirely off with my palate today because all I can taste is cheddar cheese. Taylor and Jessie, on the other hand, experienced Willy Wonka-levels of flavor metamorphosis, with the chip changing from cheesy sandwich to tomato soup goodness as they chewed. Overall, this is a solid Lay’s iteration that we want to serve on the side of a sandwich and soup combo because we’re meta like that.

Apple Cinnamon Boursin

It’s pretty difficult for Boursin to mess things up, so it’s no surprise that their seasonal Apple Cinnamon variety is a hit. It’s not too sweet, which makes it a perfect cracker topper or dip base for all of your holiday get-togethers. We’d also love to top it with apple butter because all we want for Christmas is more apples on everything. Did you hear that, Mariah? Let’s get that remix going.

KIND Simple Crunch (Oats & Honey)

It’s very apparent that KIND is coming hard for Nature Valley’s famous crunchy granola bars, but did they deliver? Our response was a resounding “meh.” While they’re certainly less messy, we don’t get the same texture play as the OG. Plus, they seem to lack some of the salt that balances the oats and honey oh-so-nicely. Your kids will like these, though, so if you have a commitment to their touted “no genetically engineered ingredients,” these are the bars for you.

Ozery Bakery Lavash Crackers (Organic Apple & Quinoa)

We liked ’em! Are they the best crackers we’ve ever tried? Certainly not, but their ultra-thin shape is what separates them from competition, making them a perfect vessel for literally any type of sauce, dip, cheese, or condiment. This apple and quinoa variety is also unique, giving the cracker a slightly sweet bite that contrasts nicely with the sesame seeds. Definitely worth a try for anyone who craves a crunch, which is basically everyone (unless you have no teeth).

Ojas Studio Date & Grain Bites (Ginger, Cinnamon & Chai)

Hmm. These were perplexing because while we appreciated the fact that they’re essentially soft grain bars in bite form, the taste didn’t blow us away. In fact, they were so date-heavy that we didn’t really get too much of the ginger or cinnamon notes (The chia seed crunch was nice, though!). Our verdict is that they’re great for anyone on the go, but won’t satisfy the cravings of those who are in the office on a Friday afternoon, ravenous, and needing to partake in a snack binge.

Petal Original Rose Sparkling Botanical Blend

It’s interesting to see that rose-flavored anything is a brand’s “original” flavor, because the taste can be quite polarizing. Taylor felt like she was sipping perfume, Jessie said the drink made her instantly rich, and I wanted to pair it with alcohol and cut the flower with some sort of citrus note. I guess this shows off the drink’s versatility? We’ll have to sip on some of the other flavor varieties before settling on a final verdict.

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