New China has one of the best versions of rice noodle soup (dan zai mi fen) that vliang has ever had. It has a deep, rich broth—it tastes like good chicken, instead of watered down junk with MSG. There’s also rice noodles with pork sauce and a soy marinated egg. This dish is not on the printed menu, or in English anywhere—it’s on the wall on the right hand side of the restaurant, when you’re facing the counter. It’s the only strip of signage in pink, so intrepid chowhounds can just point their way to noodle glory. (Note that the version on the wall comes with regular egg noodle, so you have to ask for rice noodle special. The correct term for rice noodle is “mi fen.”)

New China [East Bay]
a.k.a. China Tofu
1743 Decoto Road, Union City

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