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If you’re hungry for more of Chrissy Teigen’s particular brand of food-centric sass (and who isn’t?) then today is a good day.  Teigen launched her new website Cravings as a place for the cookbook author and social media icon to share recipes, cooking tips, social posts, stories, and video content, and also a place for fans to ask questions (which she actually responds to), and share their own related content.

So what exactly is on Cravings? Recipes, of course, and the crave-able, no-fuss sort that Teigen is known for like Garlic Roasted Bacon, Creamy Crab & Arugula Pasta, and Tom Yum Thai Deviled Eggs. There is also some original editorial content like Chrissy Teigen’s guides to New York and L.A. restaurants (one of which has already drawn some critical eyes), travel journaling, and even some how-to type pieces.

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This social media maven isn’t shy in front of the camera either, so expect a lot of video content including playful cooking tutorials with frequent appearances from Teigen’s handsome husband John Legend, along with their two adorable kids. And Teigen didn’t build this empire without a solid business plan and a penchant for product, so you can bet she’ll be hawking her many cookbooks, and signature kitchenware. (But we love that stuff as much as we love her so it’s totally fine).

The site, which launched earlier this week and bears the same name as one of her most popular cookbooks, greets all with a message that makes me feel personally seen, “Grab a drink, turn on some Housewives, and let’s cook, talk, and do all the things…I hope you enjoy!”

I have a feeling we will.

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