Ed Levine, over at Serious Eats, is debating the new wine in a juice box and asking, “What’s next, wine in sippy cups?” Not quite, but almost. Check out these new wine cups from the UK.

Prefilled and foil-sealed glasses of wine are ready to hit the UK market just in time for summer picnics. The Tulipa glasses contain either Shiraz, Chardonnay, or a California rosé. A twin pack will retail for a little over $7 and have a shelf life of nine months.

According to The Guardian, “Originally designed for caterers who serve wine at outdoor events, the pre-filled foil sealed glasses … will cut service time and breakages, according to Al Fresco Wines which created them. Each Tulipa is filled with wine in the UK and then sealed with foil to keep the drink fresh.”

I can’t see serious wine drinkers going for this, but it does make one think about how close we are to blurring the distinction between alcohol in a “sealed” or “unsealed” container. I can just imagine it: “But officer, I wasn’t really drinking—the glass is still sealed!”

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