By now you’ve probably dropped by Tastespotting, an ingenious site that organizes the food blog world by photo. Just scroll through the gorgeous shots and click away to be taken to the recipe. Browsing recipes by photo rather than by title or ingredient list is an ingenious way to answer the age-old question: “What the hell am I going to make for dinner tonight?”

A brand-new food site also has a heavy photo component. Open Source Food features “Delicious Food. Beautiful Photography. Created, rated and improved by you and fellow food-lovers from all over the world.”

It’s populated by lots of younger cooks, who post appealing snapshots of themselves that run alongside the recipe photos, making this seem kind of like the MySpace of food sites. This is likely a function of the site’s utter newness; as it picks up members, the average age will probably climb a bit.

Since it went live not too long ago, you can get in on the ground floor here. Sign up and start uploading your heirloom family recipes, like Nanimo, who shared her grandmother’s Chinese Bean Tea Cake recipe, or Cammmm, whose Spanish roommates taught her to make authentic Tortilla de España.

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