The AP is reporting that Maryland legislators will consider a raw milk bill that would allow dairy farmers to sell the good stuff directly to consumers, if not in stores.

Raw milk has been credited with lots of life-giving properties, as well as superior flavor. But there are hazards associated with it as well.

In Maryland, where the dairy industry has been in trouble for a few years, some are looking toward raw milk as a way to salvage the family farm. Proponents believe raw milk is a more authentic product than the pure white gallons most of us tote home from the supermarket.

‘The milk you buy at the store is hardly milk,’ said … Gary Dell, who oversees operations at the family’s 470-acre Cranberry Meadows dairy farm just outside Westminster. ‘It’s been beat up, burned up, torn up and mixed back up again.’

Does your state allow raw milk sales? Even if it doesn’t, there may be a farmer in your area willing to sell you some.

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