Yissa Hwa Ro is known for its pork belly, but the beef BBQ was good enough to send caveatempty into a meat-induced swoon.

Combo #2 serves four to six people and is $89. It includes a variety of beef cuts, like deckle, boneless short rib, and ribeye, all well marbled, flavorful, and tender. You also get panchan (radish water kimchi and spicy raw crab are standouts), bean-paste soup, salad, and your choice of soju or beer.

It’s a gas grill, not charcoal, but that allows the non-meat ingredients to soak up the meaty juices from the perimeter of the grill. There’s potatoes, mushrooms, jalapeño slices, garlic, and the usual lettuce for wrapping. When the BBQ pigout is over, you get fried rice made for you, with diced beef, seaweed, kimchi, and other yummy stuff.

Other combos range $69-$99; you can also order a la carte.

And that pork belly—plain, spicy, smoked or beer-, wine- or miso-marinated—definitely looks interesting.

Yissi HwaRo [Koreatown]
3465 W. 6th Street #130, Los Angeles

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