Cookware Week Chowhound 2019

Thanks for joining us for Cookware Week! In case you missed it, we shared our favorite cookware sets, accessories, and kitchen appliances, plus intel on how to care for all of it, the best recipes to make with every piece, and exclusive sales for Chowhound readers.

You’ll find all of our Cookware Week content archived on this page, and can jump to areas of specific interest via the links below. Happy cooking!

The Best Cookware You Can Buy

All-Clad cookware set


We picked the best of the best to help you choose new cookware (or start your holiday shopping)—plus, budget-friendly alternatives and which 10 essential tools the author of “The Minimalist Kitchen” swears by.

Cookware Questions

cookware guide

Becca Tapert/Unsplash

Some pieces of cookware are easy to confuse with one another—baking sheets, cookie sheets, and sheet pans, anyone? We’ll clear up some of the most common cases of mistaken identity in the kitchen, and answer other burning questions.

Caring for Your Cookware

how to care for cast iron skillet


Once you’ve assembled your dream team of cookware, you want to protect your investment, so it’s worth learning how to properly care for your pots and pans—and what you should never do with that saucepan or skillet.

Kitchen Appliance Intel

Is an air fryer worth it?


The slow cooker, Instant Pot, and air fryer have become countertop cookware constants. Here’s what you need to know about all three—plus, we reviewed a nifty new gadget that promises to turn any pressure cooker, including your Instant Pot, into an air fryer.

Bakeware Basics

best baking pans


Bakeware is its own separate category, and baking season has officially begun, so this is where we’re breaking down all the equipment related to sweet stuff (though much of it can be used for savory dishes too).

Putting It All to Work

sheet pan dinners roasted veggies

rudisill/Getty Images

Our favorite ways to put our sheet pans, skillets, air fryers, slow cookers, and other kitchen workhorses to good use (including the pieces that sometimes get pushed to the back of the cupboard—Bundt pans, we’re looking at you).

Exclusive Cookware Week Sales

Material Kitchen sale

Material Kitchen

We were excited to offer you some exclusive discounts on big-name brands as part of Cookware Week: an additional 10 percent off plus free shipping on your order at Home and Cook Sales on brands like All-Clad and Lagostina, and $20 off a bestselling pan and knife bundle at Material Kitchen! While these two sales are now over, stay tuned for even more great offers in future.

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