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Thanks for joining us for Cookware Week! In case you missed it, we shared our favorite cookware sets, accessories, and kitchen appliances, plus intel on how to care for all of it, and the best recipes to make with every piece.

As the weather continues to cool down and the sun sets ever earlier, we start to feel the beginning of fall. We naturally spend more time cocooned indoors, lighting candles, snuggling under blankets, creating that hygge mindset.

We also find ourselves craving comforting and cozy dishes and desserts. Maybe we dream of a fluffy and lighter-than-air French chocolate souffle, or poppable street food snacks like Hong Kong egg waffles.

Throughout the world, various cultures have created delectable desserts that are perfect for cozying up to this autumn, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite bakeware to help you make them all fall.

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Nordic Ware Scandinavian Silver Dollar Pancake Pan, $29.99 from Amazon


Americans aren’t the only ones obsessed with pancakes. Pancakes can actually be traced back to Europe and the Scandinavian region since the Middle Ages. This Scandinavian pancake pan can cook seven 3-inch pancakes (or silver dollar pancakes) at once. It’s made of warp-resistant heavy cast aluminum, is safe on both electric and gas cooktops, and is produced from a family-run company that was created after World War II. Try this Mini Cinnamon Pancakes recipe (kanelplättar), or even use the pan to make blini.Buy Now

Chef’s Choice PizzellePro Express Bake Nonstick Pizzelle Maker, $39.99 from Amazon


You’ve probably recognized a pizzelle at Christmas or Easter: a crisp and thin Italian cookie that resembles a snowflake, sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar. In order to perfect those intricate imprints, you may want to invest in a pizzelle maker. This model heats instantly and cooks three 3-inch pizzelles at once in under a minute. It’s nonstick and has a locking latch to keep batter consistent in thickness. Enjoy pizzelle on their own alongside cocoa, coffee, or tea; try them with Nutella and other toppings; make them into napoleons; or crumble them on top of ice cream or mousse.Buy Now

Maamoul Mold, $11.95 from Hashems

wooden maamoul cookie mold


Maamoul are Middle Eastern puffed pastries or cookies filled with nuts like walnuts and pistachios, or sweet dates, and are enjoyed during Jewish, Muslim, and Christian holidays. Various mold shapes signify the type of stuffing used in the cookies. These untreated wooden molds are hand-carved and specifically made for creating walnut stuffed maamouls.Buy Now

Krups Belgian Waffle Maker, $47.62 from Amazon


While we all love waffles, we are particularly smitten with Belgian waffles, which tend to be lighter and fluffier than American waffles, and feature deeper grooves—perfect for collecting butter, syrup, whipped cream, or melted chocolate. This model produces 4 waffles at once, has removable plates for easy cleaning that are dishwasher-safe, and has 5 settings to create the perfect browning level.Buy Now

Euro Cuisine Eco Friendly Heart Shaped Waffle Maker, $31.99 from Amazon


Norwegian waffles or vafler are delectable, thin waffle snacks sold throughout Norway. You may see them being sold by the side of the street, or at skiing trails, and of course, enjoyed at home. Who could resist a sweet, heart-shaped waffle? This waffle maker features ceramic, eco-friendly, nonstick coating, and adjustable temperature, and can make 5 waffles at once. You can now celebrate February 14 all year long. You can use this for savory waffles too.Buy Now

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Stainless Steel Flan Mold, $12.17 from Amazon

stainless steel flan mold


Flan is served all over the world, with heavy influences in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries. It’s a comforting custard typically topped with a sweet and sticky caramel sauce. This stainless steel flan mold features 3 clips to keeping flan secure and is dishwasher safe. Try making our Pumpkin Pie Flan recipe for fall.Buy Now

CucinaPro Hong Kong Bubble Waffle Maker, $35.95 from Amazon


In Hong Kong, egg waffles are a popular street snack, and in the U.S. they’ve become an Instagram-worthy ice cream cone option in many places. A special mold uses sweet batter and creates a waffle with egg-shaped, puffed bubbles that are fun to pull apart and pop into your mouth. This bubble waffle maker will produce crispy and fluffy egg waffles in under 5 minutes. Top with fruit, ice cream, or eat as is, fresh and hot right out of the waffle maker.Buy Now

Wilton Doughnut Baking Pans, 2 for $13.50 on Amazon


Doughnuts existed in America well before Dunkin’ sprang up, thanks to the Dutch who settled in the U.S. While doughnuts are usually fried, if you would like to attempt to be a little healthier, you can actually bake cake-style doughnuts too. These 6-count trays are nonstick and dishwasher-safe. Have fun baking a variety of batters, and of course, enjoy decorating with icing, sprinkles, cookie crumbs, and more.Buy Now

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Cuisinart Classic Nonstick Crepe Pan, $19.99 on Amazon


Thin French pancakes or crepes are the perfect vessel for all sorts of sweet (and savory) meals. Nutella, fruit, powdered sugar, and other fillings taste even better in a buttery crepe. This nonstick pan is easy to clean and oven-safe, and can also be used for grilled cheeses if you want to expand your cooking game.Buy Now

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Norpro Nonstick Aebleskiver Pan, $22.40 on Amazon

nonstick aebleskiver pan


Aebleskiver look like a Danish version of doughnut holes but their consistency is a bit more like a pancake. They tend to be served with fruit jam, syrup, or powdered sugar, and are cooked in a cast iron pan that resembles an egg poacher. This particular pan is nonstick, but you can also buy a cast iron aebleskiver pan; either way, it can also be used to make Kuzhi paniyaram, a sweet or savory Indian snack or breakfast, and Japanese takoyaki.Buy Now

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Souffle Dish, $10 at Sur La Table


What’s more quintessentially French and cozy than a chocolate souffle? Creating a souffle takes patience and lots of eggs, which is the key to creating that signature lighter-than-air texture. Souffle dishes tend to have tall sides to help support and hold up the souffle. These dishes can also be used for other individual desserts or savory meals, and are easy to clean, so it’s definitely worth adding one to your kitchen.Buy Now

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