Japan, still living up to its reputation as the place where crazy-ass stuff happens 10 to 20 years before it hits the continental United States, is now revealed by the Associated Press as beating the pants off of us when it comes to novelty kids’ lunches.

Lunchables? Capri Suns? McCain Smiles? The Japanese laugh at our primitive gaijin ways. As the story “Frankenstein for lunch” reports, they’re busy handcrafting Godzilla- and Frankenstein-themed bento boxes that involve carefully dyed grains of rice and sculpted pieces of cheese. And then they blog that stuff before their six-year-olds can blithely destroy several hours of masterful creation in a few careless bites.

The lunches — like other types of Japanese art — often feature a seasonal motif like fireworks in summer or snowmen in winter. Others recreate popular cartoon characters or famous people such as the popular Japanese pop duo Puffy, or even Mozart.

Kind of puts bologna on white bread into perspective, doesn’t it?

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