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Make healthier fried snacks with a quality air fryer, on sale for today only at Best Buy.

Weekends can be the ultimate diet buster when you’re fully addicted to French fries, hot wings, and other deliciously fried snack foods. But an air fryer can help curb the effects of Sunday splurging on your favorite game-day, carb-loaded comfort foods.

If you haven’t introduced an air fryer into your rotation yet—famous for making crispy fries and other fried foods with far less oil/fat—now might be a perfect time. For today only, the Phillips Viva Collection Analog air fryer (in black) is Best Buy’s Deal of the Day, down to less than $60. This model originally retailed for as much as $250 and Best Buy’s price is the lowest we’ve seen it in any corner of the internet—$20 better than what Amazon is selling it for right now.

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Philips Viva Collection Air Fryer, $60 on Best Buy

The Philips Viva Collection air fryer earns consistently high marks in verified reviews. With rapid air technology, you’re getting some of the crispiest fries, potato skins, jalapeno poppers and more with none of the excess oil/grease, and up to 75 percent less fat.Buy Now

Header image courtesy of Philips

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