pulled pork nachos recipe
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College football fan? Here are some great college team inspired snack ideas for your tailgating parties.

The fast-approaching fall brings with it the return of football season. Party stores will start to roll out decorations—from plates to cupcake toppers—that coincide with the colors and logos of your local pro football team.

Unfortunately, finding food, drinks, and décor that goes with your local college team may be a bit more difficult, even though, in many parts of the country, college football is taken just as seriously (if not more so) than the pro games!

If you’re planning a viewing party this season (even if you’re your only guest), you should at least have some snacks that are inspired by your favorite team. So try these college football team inspired snack recipes to become a next-level fan.

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Rooting for: Alabama Crimson Tide

Make: “Crimson Velvet” Cookies

Erin Scott

If you Roll Tide, you may want to roll out some cookie dough during the pregame! One of my favorite desserts on Chowhound, this Red Velvet Crackle Cookie recipe takes no time at all to make, and they’re a perfect match to Bama’s red and white uniforms.

Rooting for: Georgia Bulldogs

Make: Peach Frozen Yogurt

Since I’m more of a foodie than a football fan, I can’t think of Georgia without thinking of peaches. Peaches lend themselves well to cobblers and pies, but you don’t want to do that much prep work over the weekend and you don’t want that much of a mess if you accidentally throw your plate in celebration. For a quick and easy snack you can whip up during halftime, try our Peach Frozen Yogurt recipe!

Rooting for: Arkansas Razorbacks

Make: Pulled Pork Nachos

pulled pork nachos recipe


In doing my research for this article, I realized I had no idea what a razorback was. Turns out there is a food god, because a razorback is a pig, and there is so much you can do with pork during football season! Slow cook it, make some sliders, or crank up the southern flavors and heat with our Spicy Pulled Pork Nacho recipe.

Rooting for: Arizona State Sun Devils

Make: Salsa Deviled Eggs


This could be the most perfect snack-team marriage ever. Arizona State’s mascot is the Sun Devil (whatever that is), and there is no party snack I love more than the deviled egg. As if the “devil” connection wasn’t enough for you, our Salsa Deviled Eggs are reminiscent of the heat of the Arizona sun. Like I said, absolutely perfect for game day.

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Rooting for: Texas Longhorns

Make: Roast Beef and Caramelized Onion Sliders


If you were excited (like me) to find out a razorback was a pig, prepare to get super excited after learning a longhorn is a kind of cattle. That means beef sliders all day, every day! Perhaps one of our best game day foods are these Roast Beef and Caramelized Onion Sliders. Though they are little, they are big and bold—just like Texas!

Rooting for: Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Make: Guinness Cream Soda

Guinness Cream Soda recipe


You could pay homage to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in a number of ways. There’s Irish soda bread, there’s Irish cream, but the best thing you could possibly imagine on game day is a cold beer in hand. Take your pint of Guinness up a notch by combining it with the sweet bubbliness of cream soda. And, if it were me, I’d throw a scoop of vanilla ice cream in there, but you do you. Get our Guinness Cream Soda recipe.

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Rooting for: Clemson Tigers

Make: Peanut Butter Fudge

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge recipe


Did you know that peanuts—specifically boiled peanuts—are the state snack of South Carolina, where Clemson is located? You could pay homage to the Tigers’ hometown by simply boiling some peanuts for yourself, or you could satisfy your sweet tooth with our easy Peanut Butter Fudge recipe. It’s definitely faster! (Boiled peanuts take 6-8 hours and this takes less than 1, not counting chilling time.)

Rooting for: Ohio State Buckeyes

Make: Personal Grilled Pizza

grilled pizza recipe


If you’re a Buckeyes fan, you should make buckeyes, sure. But you might also want a food that’s as red and white as the players’ jerseys. Conveniently, the state fruit of Ohio is the tomato, so I can’t help but think about some fresh red tomato sauce covered in white mozzarella. Try our Grilled Pizza recipe but portion each piece of dough smaller for a personal grilled pizza with mozzarella and basil. (I think I could eat two of these before halftime!)

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Rooting for: LSU Tigers

Make: Fire-Charred Green Beans with Cajun Dipping Sauce


You can’t possibly root for a Louisiana team without a Cajun-inspired dish by your side! Our fire-charred green beans and homemade Cajun dipping sauce are a healthy and delicious game-time snack. Although the recipe doesn’t necessarily call for this, I’d definitely recommend sprinkling some Cajun seasoning on the actual green beans, too. You can never have too much!

Rooting for: California Golden Bears

Make: Vodka Gummy Bears

Root on the Bears with some little bears of your own! These vodka gummy bears (via thelifejolie.com) are sweet, fun, and colorful, and they take all of five minutes to make. You can even be picky and use only the yellow and gold gummy bears to stay more on theme, if you’d like.

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Rooting for: Florida Gators or Syracuse Orange

Make: Orange Angel Food Cake

Orange Angel Food Cake recipe


This Orange Angel Food Cake recipe topped with strawberries is a top notch dessert, perfect for the fourth quarter. Seeing as how it’s an orange-flavored cake, its connection to the Syracuse Orange is clear. But this cake works for all the Gators fans out there, too! The orange is actually the official state fruit of Florida, and if you want this dessert to look even more on-theme, add in some blue food coloring and top with oranges or clementine instead of strawberries. And, hey, now you know exactly what to make if these two teams ever play each other.

Rooting for: Oklahoma Sooners

Make: Strawberry Shortcake Parfait

Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits


Oklahomans love their fried foods and southern cooking, so there’s actually a lot already on this list that would be great for a Sooners fan too. However, the strawberry is the state fruit of Oklahoma, and our Strawberry Shortcake Parfait recipe conveniently matches your red and white Sooners shirt. So go nuts with the southern cooking on game day and top it off with this great dessert!

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