Little Sichuan closed, and is reincarnated in the form of Classic Sichuan. And it’s awesome—as long as you stay on the Sichuan menu, and avoid the standard fare from the regular menu, says Deeg67.

Spicy boiled beef is properly intimidating—a massive bowl of beef pieces swimming in red chile oil. The beef is high quality flank steak, tender and flavorful, happily cohabiting with cabbage and onions. Herbal chicken soup is incredibly rich and deep—tiny pieces of chicken with potato, and a truly satisfying, complex stock. And their xin jiang stir-fried roasted lamb is one of the best versions that Deeg67 has ever had—moderate cumin levels, balacned with ample jalapenos, dried pepper, and Sichuan peppercorns—and tons of fragrant roasted garlic. “Ths is gutsy, high-quality Chinese cooking—amply spicy, boldly seasoned, and subtle at the same time,” he says.

Classic Sichuan Restaurant [Peninsula]
148 El Camino Real, Millbrae

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