The Phoenix Pastificio makes an utterly stunning olive baguette; the bread is dangerously good, says Aaron —so good that it almost never survives the car ride home. It’s soft, white, warm bread with thin, crackly crust. And it’s packed with the best olives that gordon wing has ever tasted in an olive bread; rworange describes them as “fast, salty purple olives, heavy with oil.”

They also have great pecan chocolate chewies.

Some thought The Phoenix Pastificio lost when they closed down their old Shattuck location. But they’ve reopened on Addison, and it is a cooler location in many ways. What it lacks in coziness it makes up for in directness—the ovens are on premises. You can sometimes nab freshly cooked bread.

Most importantly, a stand for The Phoenix Pastificio has started showing up at various farmers’ markets around the Bay Area. Most days, if you catch the stand early, the bread’s still warm from the oven. They’re currently showing up at the Berkeley farmers’ market, the Sunday Montclair market, the Saturday Oakland–Grand Lake Farmers Market, and the Sunday Temescal Farmers Market.

The Phoenix Pastificio [East Bay]
1250 Addison St. Suite 109, Berkeley (cross street: Bonar)

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