There’s a lot of advice out there for new food bloggers, but when the word comes from delicious:days—selected as one of Time magazine’s 50 coolest websites—it’s advice worth listening to.

Nicky and Oliver, the duo behind the Munich-based food blog, know their stuff. Their site looks professional and polished—nothing like a sideline hobby site—and after two years of successful blogging amidst awards and accolades (including three Bloggie nominations), they’re sharing the knowledge in a post titled “Foodblogging—Do’s and Don’ts.”

Delicious:days’ food blogging 101 post isn’t the first of its kind. Adam of the Amateur Gourmet has done two posts on the topic, and there have been others as well. But this post is so comprehensive, so smart, and—as always with delicious:days—so darn pretty, it’s worth taking a look.

Nicky and Oliver are extremely savvy and tell it like it is. “The number of food blogs has grown exponentially,” they tell readers. “The daily photo of your dinner may have been getting applause years ago but it won’t attract many readers today.” Instead, they encourage bloggers to focus on creating value for the reader, consider layout and design, make use of technology, and take action to generate traffic. Oh, and break rules, have fun, and don’t forget about your offline life.

This could be considered food blog advice 2.0, worth reading and following. I mean, come on, don’t you want Time magazine to pick your blog next go-round?

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