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If you need a Christmas gift for a pop culture loving cook, these cookbooks inspired by TV shows and movies might be the perfect fit!

I have a love of cookbooks that encompasses all kinds, from the coffee table tomes I know I’ll never actually make food from to weeknight companions that inspire easy meals and feel like old friends. I also have a soft spot for the bizarre (in general, but cookbooks absolutely included).

We’ve previously covered some of the most random celebrity cookbooks (I want them all), but this fall, we were blessed with a brand new batch of books inspired by TV shows, movies, and even a video game. Some of them aren’t what you’d call weird, but anything not penned by a noted chef or food personality these days stands out from the crowd. So here are are some of the outliers this season: the best new cookbooks inspired by pop culture, for better and for worse.

“The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook” by Annie Gray, $31.50 on Amazon

The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook 2019


Publish Date: September 17, 2019

The official “Downton Abbey” cookbook happens to be legitimately gorgeous, and full of period-appropriate recipes like Kedgeree and Raspberry Fool Meringues that you will actually want to eat. You can lean on it to help you host a fancy Downton Abbey dinner party or a proper afternoon tea, or just pick out an easy recipe for a weeknight supper (like stuffed tomatoes from upstairs, or beef with dumplings from the servants’ table)—and you’ll definitely want to leaf through the lovely photos multiple times. With fun historical facts and countless callbacks to the show, this is a must-have for fans with even a passing interest in the kitchen (or dining room, whether or not they have a staff to serve them). Because there is an appropriate libation for every occasion, “The Official Downton Abbey Cocktail Book” makes a great companion piece.Buy Now

“Firefly: The Big Damn Cookbook” by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, $31.46 on Amazon

Firefly cookbook 2019


Publish Date: September 24, 2019

I adored “Firefly” so part of me was extremely excited to find out this exists, while another part was just kind of confused—then delighted again to see that a recipe for Fruity Oaty Bars is included. Shiny! Get this and you’ll also be treated to other wink-nod dishes like Mudder’s Milk and Zoe’s ‘Wife Soup’ (for when you’ve done good), along with things like lotus chips and bao dumplings (take a cue from the crew and break out your Chinese curses if the dough folding frustrates you). Diehard Browncoats will likely want this even if they have no intention of making any of the above. I might be one of them.Buy Now

“The Keto Guido Cookbook: Delicious Recipes to Get Healthy and Look Great” by Vinny Guadagnino, $17.39 on Amazon

Jersey Shore Vinny Keto Guido cookbook 2019


Publish Date: September 24, 2019

Vinny from “Jersey Shore” (and “Double Shot at Love”) branded himself The Keto Guido a while back; he could very well have something to do with keto having exploded in popularity over the last few years. He’s certainly talked a lot about how great he’s found the low-carb, high-fat diet (and showed off his abs everywhere; coincidentally—or not—he’s done a stint with the Chippendales after losing 50 pounds on keto too). Now he’s debuting an official “Keto Guido” cookbook with 100 of his favorite recipes, including Italian treats like tiramisu, plus a keto meal planning guide, since he’s found meal prep to be a key to success. It’s not that odd, maybe, but who would’ve predicted this back in the early days of GTL? (Fingers crossed we eventually get a “Snooki’s Cookies” baking book to add to our collection.)Buy Now

“Overwatch: The Official Cookbook” by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, $18.29 on Amazon

Overwatch cookbook 2019


Publish Date: October 1, 2019

Are video game cookbooks a thing? According to Google, yes. At any rate, “World of Warcraft,” “Elder Scrolls,” and “Fallout” all have their own, and now “Overwatch” does too. (Can “Fortnite” be far behind?) This cookbook collects international recipes inspired by the characters’ homelands, and while I will admit to not knowing who any of those characters are, I don’t need to be familiar to want to make the Canadian Butter Tarts (bookmark them for next year’s Canadian Thanksgiving). Bonus: If you have kids who are still playing “Overwatch,” this might be the thing that gets them to finally start helping out in the kitchen.Buy Now

“Binging with Babish: 100 Recipes Recreated from Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows” by Andrew Rea, $17.99 on Amazon

Binging with Babish cookbook 2019


Publish Date: October 22, 2019

If you’re not familiar with the cooking series with over 5 million fans on YouTube, “Binging with Babish” is dedicated to creating food inspired by what characters are eating and drinking in movies and TV shows (think “Seinfeld” babka, the “moist-maker” turkey sandwich from “Friends,” and even orange mocha frappuccinos à la “Zoolander”). It’s fun for sure, but it’s also full of solid recipes to make for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, including classic dishes like beef bourguignon (from “Julie & Julia,” of course). You’ll also find behind-the-scenes stories and photos, so if you haven’t watched the show yet, time to catch up on winter break!Buy Now

“Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook” by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Marc Sumerak, $21.99 on Amazon

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge cookbook 2019


Publish Date: November 5, 2019

Disney’s new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction is designed to be immersive, which means lots of food that’s engineered to seem out of this world. Whether you’ve been to the park and are yearning for another taste, want to visit vicariously, or are just apt to devour all things “Star Wars,” this cookbook has recipes for park favorites (like the Ronto Wraps) and dishes featured in the movies (like Rey’s Polystarch Portion Bread, which you make in the microwave, because it’s as close to magical tech as you can get in your own kitchen). There better be Blue Milk and Green Milk recipes to wash everything down.Buy Now

“Supernatural: The Official Cookbook: Burgers, Pies, and Other Bites from the Road” by Julie Tremaine, $23.63 on Amazon

official Supernatural cookbook 2019


Publish Date: November 5, 2019

The long, wild ride that is “Supernatural” is finally coming to an end next year—but at least you’ll have the show’s official tie-in cookbook to treasure forever after. Its recipes are inspired by characters, locations, and food that have appeared on the series (including Dean’s fateful “Pig ‘N a Poke” breakfast dish, Sam’s salads, classic burgers, fries, and plenty of pie).Buy Now

“The Adventurous Eaters Club: Mastering the Art of Family Mealtime” by Misha & Vicki Collins, $18.24 on Amazon

Misha Collins cookbook 2019


Publish Date: November 5, 2019

Super fans should also note: “Supernatural” star Misha Collins and his wife Vicki have written a cookbook too, with the aim to make family meals fun and foster children’s relationship with real, healthy foods by getting them involved in the process. We tried the Inventor’s Pizza Party from the book and had a blast making “Supernatural”-themed pies with Misha Collins himself! This is the perfect gift for any food-loving family on your list.Buy Now

“Look Cook Eat: 200 Recipes Without Words”, $30.72 on Amazon

Look Cook Eat wordless recipe cookbook 2019


Publish Date: November 26, 2019

OK, so this one’s not so much pop culture related as it is just an intriguing change of pace from other cookbooks. Whereas most of them contain detailed instructions, this one pares words to a minimum (so yes, the title is a little misleading). Aside from essential measurements, temperatures, cook times, and super basic step descriptions, everything is illustrated so you’re forced to rely largely on your own instincts—which is a pretty great skill to develop in the kitchen (and elsewhere). If you don’t like a lot of hand-holding in your cooking but welcome some guidance, this is certainly worth a look.Buy Now

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