Pozole, says paulj, is traditionally a butchery-day stew. It’s made with hominy, which benefits from a long, slow simmering, and extra cuts of meat, like the pig head. Bones add body, as does the skin from the head or a foot or two. AnnaEA uses bone-in pork butt or shoulder roast, and sophieej says her source uses pork neck.

Some modern-day health-conscious cooks make a version of pozole out of chicken breast, but pozole thus made can’t hope to have the same flavor and body as the traditional sort. Tomatillos and powdered red chilis often find their way into the mix. Seasonings are kept simple, and condiments such as lime, chopped onion, cilantro, Mexican oregano, and hot sauce are added at the table. But feel free to go nuts, if you desire—it’s not unheard of to whip up a seafood pozole, says rworange.

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