If the impending end of summer is bumming you out, ALDI’s hot-off-the-presses reveal of their September “Finds” will help make the coming months look a little brighter particularly in the kitchen. These nicely priced deals from America’s favorite German supermarket chain never disappoint and their latest assortment of discount back-to-school snacks, cider with a kick, essential kitchen tools, not to mention a tried and true crop security system, carries on that tradition. Below you’ll find some of the best ALDI Finds in store for September.

ALDI Finds – Wednesday, September 4

Grande Alberone Zinfandel


It wouldn’t be an ALDI Finds list without some bargain basement priced wines. Grande Alberone’s jammy, full-bodied zinfandel garners rave reviews and at less than $10 a bottle, this Italian red won’t last long.

Simply Nature Strawberry Banana Fruit Twists


Looking to stock up on back-to-school snacks? Consider these chewy non-GMO strawberry banana twists made with real fruit and no artificial flavors. They manage to pull of that rare feat of impressing both parents and kids alike.

Specially Selected Truffle Fagottini


Imported from Italy, Specially Selected’s fagottini (English translation: little bundles) is given a fungal infection in the best possible way thanks to the addition of truffle (flavoring). Here’s your chance to enjoy a taste of luxury without having to spend a small fortune.

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ALDI Finds – Wednesday, September 11

Crofton Faux Wood Knives


This sharp-looking knife set is ideal for chopping and slicing your fall harvest bounty. And as an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about termites.

Deutsche Küche Mini Bratwurst


It’s no surprise that ALDI is known for its German food selection and their mini Uncured Bratwurst will transport you straight to Bavaria. If you want to get a head start on celebrating Oktoberfest, these bite-sized sausages are a menu must.

Ambiano Panini Maker & Grill


Grill up some of those mini brats and get your sandwiches nice and toasty with this two-in-one wonder. Need some panini inspiration? Try our Parisian Panino recipe or our Italian Sausage Panini recipe. And, of course, there’s always the abuelo of all toasted sandwiches, the Cuban.

Simply Nature Red Lentil Rotini


Just because you’re gluten-free doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy pasta. Though absent of gluten, Simple Nature’s Red Lentil Rotini is packed with iron, fiber, and protein, not to mention it’s non-GMO and organic.

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ALDI Finds – Wednesday, September 18

Raimund Prum Dry Riesling


German wines don’t attract as much attention as their French and American counterparts but this impressive riesling is proof that shouldn’t be the case. Speaking of which, with a price tag of $6.99, you’ll probably want to grab a case of this semi-sweet white before it disappears from the shelves.

Huntington Home 60” Scarecrow


Whether you’re trying to ward off hungry birds from your crops or you just want decoration for a festive fall party, a scarecrow will do the trick. Just be sure to avoid watching the 2009 television adaptation of “Children of the Corn” before purchasing one.

Happy Farms Preferred Oktoberfest Bavarian Cream Cheese Spread


At only 60 calories a serving you won’t feel guilty about slathering this special seasonal cream cheese on bagels, pretzels, or any other carb-laden vessel. Or you can just go ahead and spoon it directly from the container and cut out the middle manafter a couple of Oktoberfest beers the idea won’t seem too crazy.

Specially Selected Caramel Macchiato Cupcakes


Prepare your Instagram account and your waistline for these stunning cupcakes. A combo of caramel and coffee is always a treat, especially when swirled together into an eye-popping frosting.

ALDI Finds – Wednesday, September 25

L’oven Fresh Everything Bread


If you’re already a fan of everything bagels or are simply indecisive when it comes to extra bells and whistles on your loaf, this flavor packed offering from L’oven is destined for your pantry. Featuring a mix of savory spices and seeds, Everything Bread might just be the greatest toast option of all time (and it’s a challenger to Trader Joe’s new-ish Everything Ciabatta).

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Wicked Grove Cinnamon Hard Cider


Expand your fall bubbly booze horizons beyond Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers with this sweet and spicy hard cider brewed in Vermont. If the classic combo of apples and cinnamon doesn’t whet your whistle, ALDI will be offering Wicked Grove’s pear cider at a discount two weeks prior.

Crofton 12” Cast Iron Skillet


If your kitchen is devoid of a skillet, here’s a chance to add one to your arsenal without breaking the bank. And even if you already own one, why not buy another? With so many recipes that require some cast iron love, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself cooking a feast that requires at least two on the burner or in the oven and you’ll want to be prepared when that time (*cough* Thanksgiving) inevitably comes.

What’s your favorite recent ALDI Find? Let us know in the comments.

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