We all encounter solemn obligations in life: spaying or neutering our pets. Taking care of a dying parent. Teaching a child to read. Now, add another to the list: voting for your favorite new ice cream concept in the Häagen-Dazs Flavor Search.

The faux-Euro, semipremium ice cream maker has posted video clips from 10 random folks, each of whom, in theory, makes a passionate pitch for his or her flavor. Some of the “clips,” unfortunately, are one-second-long still photos, which sort of undermines the new-media appeal of the contest.

The flavors are, however, actually pretty solid: They’re eminently practical, and you can actually imagine them being rolled out across the country, as promised. They include lilikoi butter with macadamia nuts, chocolate Zinfandel, lemon pudding cake, and coffee cake crumble, which has a presentation featuring two reasonably cute girls, which may or may not have a salutary effect on the flavor’s overall competitiveness.

The top three will be revealed on March 18, so if you have a strong personal stake in Zinfully Chocolate versus Blueberry Belgian Waffle, it’s time to get crackin’.

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