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So many new products, so little time. And what makes our job even more difficult and time-sensitive: Some of these flavors are only limited edition! For this week’s Chub Chub Chowdown segment on the Taylor Strecker Show, we tried all types of things, from boozy kombucha and seltzer to gourmet granola and chips. Our palates may be slightly confused, but we’re breaking it all down for you below. Check out our thoughts.

Bacon and Mac ‘n Cheese Pringles

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these limited edition chips, found exclusively at Dollar General, aren’t worth the special trip. While we definitely liked the bacon flavor more than the mac ‘n cheese (it was smoky and salty vs. a Kraft powdered cheese wannabe), they just paled in comparison to tried-and-true staples like sour cream and onion and jalapeño. If you’re Pringles obsessed, we encourage you to try them and decide for yourself. But if you’re just in the mood for a crunchy afternoon snack, these deserve a pass.

Michele’s Granola (Lemon Pistachio)

Yum! It’s hard to make a lasting impression with granola because we kind of feel like it had its moment, but lemon pistachio was a delicious flavor combination that we’re entirely here for. The texture was also softer and more palatable than the norm. Now, was this the best breakfast food we’ve ever tasted? No. Was it something we wanted to toss into some yogurt or homemade trail mix? Yes, which means it serves a purpose and, frankly, with such a crowded granola and cereal market, that’s all you can really ask for. Update: We just tried their almond butter variety and it’s SO GOOD. In fact, I feel slightly nauseated from the amount I’ve eaten. It has the perfect crunch!

JuneShine Hard Kombucha (Rosé)

We don’t think we could love this drink more if we tried! Kombucha is already a deliciously healthy alternative to soft drinks and sugar-laden juices and this alcoholic, rosé-flavored variety more than delivered. It was not overwhelmingly sweet, contains probiotics, and was palatable for even the kombucha-averse. Not a fan of rosé? A) Who are you? and B) They’ve got a bunch of other equally delicious varieties, also brewed with green tea and honey to make your new favorite libation. We are huge fans!

Doritos Simply Organic (Spicy White Cheddar)

Whomp, whomp. We love ourselves some Doritos, but these missed the mark. First and foremost, it is completely false advertising to put a well-seasoned reddish chip on the bag when the reality is a yellow chip with only small traces of seasoning. These also weren’t spicy and tasted more like cumin and other spices than the cayenne or chipotle we so desperately craved. The only redeeming quality is that they’re organic, so eat your heart out, health freaks. We’ll stick to our non-organic Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.

Good Day CBD Cold Brew

Hardcore cold brew drinkers will absolutely appreciate this tiny can that packs a CBD punch, but we couldn’t get over the bitter taste that hits your palate almost immediately. It’s a polarizing experience (half of us wanted a Trenta-sized cup on ice while the rest were “meh” on the flavor), which means you’ll certainly have to try this and decide for yourself (or add cream and sugar to customize like a regular coffee). We do have to commend the company for its innovation, though! The packaging is also on point.

Press Premium Alcohol Seltzer (Pear Chamomile)

We were pretty blown away by this one. The flavor profile was fantastically unique (pear! chamomile!) and the sweetness wasn’t headache-inducing like some of its boozy seltzer competitors. While it did come off a bit “soapy” after a few sips, this is something that we’d absolutely indulge in all summer long. In fact, we’re already stalking our local liquor stores to find it by the case.

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt & Hummus Packs/Smoothies

The yogurt hummus pack is a quick and easy snack for those on the go, but we wanted to doctor it up a bit with some fresh dill, lemon juice, garlic powder, and chopped cucumbers. That being said, there *is* a garlic flavor with pretzels that we didn’t sample and should lend itself nicely to more sophisticated eaters. The smoothies, on the other hand, were a bit more polarizing. While we appreciated the limited number of ingredients and generally liked the taste and creamy texture, we just didn’t know if we could take ourselves seriously while sipping from a pouch in public. It still seems like something manufactured for children and not grown-ups. The choice is yours!

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