In today’s Philadelphia Inquirer food section, a writer uses a new line of unusually flavored potato chips as a jumping-off point to talk about the perils of man-made food in an article titled “It’s in the snack aisle, but is it food?” Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know the drill: Eat plants, avoid Little Debbies, yadda yadda. What really has me intrigued with this piece is the mention of some very strange potato chip flavors. Philly cheese steak? Ketchup? Buffalo wing? Freaky! Gross sounding! I’ve gotta get some!

At last America is starting to catch up with the Brits, who have long boasted shelves full of chips flavored like lamb with mint jelly or roast beef with mustard. Lay’s! Bring it! Let’s have some chicken vindaloo chips, and some peanut butter and jelly chips, and please don’t forget the Vietnamese summer roll chips, redolent with cilantro and mint. Mmm.

According to the authoritative potato chip tasters at snack review site, the Philly cheese steak chips aren’t half bad. I’m sold.

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