Do you have a Clover in your town yet? There are only a few of these single-cup drip coffee brewers in the U.S. right now, but from Portland to Los Angeles, drip drinkers who’ve tried coffee brewed in the Clover are giving high-tech machine hearty huzzahs:

“It’s a remarkable machine …the closest approximation to the cupping ritual.”

“It’s a really great cup … There’s no bitterness, but it’s not stripped down either, and it’s got terrific finish.”

I know you’re lacing your coffee-machine-buying-shoes up so you can run right out and get one, but don’t. These machines are meant for a coffeehouse setting because —have I mentioned this yet? —they cost $11,000. At $1 to $2 per cup, your local coffeehouse will have to sell plenty of joe to amortize that cost.

Curious about how an $11,000 brewer makes a cup of coffee? Wake up and smell the video.

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