BBQ Chicken Potato Skins with Coleslaw recipe
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If you just pulled off a major 4th of July weekend BBQ feast, there is a good chance some tasty leftovers linger behind. Put them to good use with these simple ideas for turning leftover BBQ into delicious new eats.

Everyone knows that the excitement and anticipation over Thanksgiving are as much about all of the delicious possibilities of the next day’s leftovers as it is about the meal itself. Well, I say the same can be said of hosting a big backyard barbecue in the summer (or a small, socially distant one at that).

We’ve already covered 11 of the best things you can make with leftover BBQ brisket but what about those extra hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled corn, and potato salad? Here is a list of creative ways to make the most of all those other barbecue staples once the grill’s been turned off.

Leftover Hamburgers: Sloppy Joes

easy homemade Sloppy Joes


So you overshot the “Who wants a burger?” count and grilled off a few too many—not to worry; there are plenty of tasty ways to reincarnate those leftover patties. Of course, because there’s nothing scarier than dry, dull, overcooked ground beef (sorry, well-done burger eaters), your big consideration with the reheating process is to keep the meat moist. The easy solution: Crumble up the meat and get saucy.

With crispy beef tacos it means adding a little liquid and mixing in a heavy dose of spices and seasonings. For gyros, it’s all about dosing a heavy dollop of tangy, cucumber-fresh tzatziki over the top. But if you’re going to repurpose a barbecue classic, might as well morph it into another perennial summertime favorite. That’s right, we’re talking about guaranteed-to-get-all-over-your-face (and probably a little onto your shirt) throwback delight, Sloppy Joes. Get our Sloppy Joes recipe.

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Leftover Grilled Chicken: BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ chicken pizza recipe


Forgive me, pizza purists. For, as much as I worship at the altar of a perfect Neapolitan pie with its blistered, chewy dough and simple smattering of fresh mozzarella and really good tomato sauce, I also can’t deny my nostalgic weakness for BBQ chicken pizza. There is a heaping multitude of options when it comes to recipes for leftover grilled chicken, but I’m going to throw down and say this should be one of your top picks. Get our BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe.

Leftover Hot Dogs: Pigs in a Blanket

Pigs in a Blanket recipe


And just like that, the leftovers from yesterday’s barbecue begat today’s cocktail hour snack. Instead of shelling out for cocktail weenies, you might as well just cut up your leftover grilled hot dogs, wrap them in buttery puff pastry, set your oven to bake, and call it a day (with your Mad Men-era cocktail in hand, natch). Get our Pigs in a Blanket recipe.

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Leftover Grilled Corn: Summer Corn Chowder

summer corn chowder recipe


Conjuring the self-restraint required to end up with leftover ears of grilled corn after a barbecue can be a real challenge. But a worthwhile one, as you could easily put those kernels to good use in anything from a refreshing summer salad (like this Mexican-inspired one featuring tomatoes, tomatillos, and avocado dressing); to crispy corn fritters (swoon); or these jalapeño grilled sweet corn muffins. But I’d argue the ultimate move is to swap the smoky, charred kernels for fresh ones in this light summer corn chowder. And let’s be honest, you might as well go for #summergoals gold and throw in some chunks of lobster while you’re at it. Get our Summer Corn Chowder recipe.

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Leftover Potato Salad: Roasted Potatoes

roast potato recipe


Pssssst. So, apparently our favorite cold potato side dish has been masking some real next-day potential as a hot roasted side dish. What?! Throw it in the oven and check it out for yourself.

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Leftover Coleslaw: Coleslaw and BBQ Chicken Potato Skins

BBQ Chicken Potato Skins with Coleslaw recipe


Ring the alarm bells, because we’ve got a twofer (a.k.a., a two-for-one) special of barbecue leftovers here: Take the leftover chicken that you’re not using for the BBQ chicken pizza mentioned above and that killer coleslaw and make into a truly creative riff on a potato skin. Get our Coleslaw and BBQ Chicken Potato Skins recipe. You can also pile leftover slaw up on basic sandwiches or use it to top off tacos.

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Leftover Watermelon: Boozy Watermelon Pops

Easy Drunken Watermelon Pops recipe


Friendly reminder: That watermelon you didn’t get to at the barbecue because everyone filled up on the mains doesn’t have to live on in dessert territory. Reimagine it as the base of a bright salad with feta and mint, or in a cool, creative, fruity spin on a traditional gazpacho. Or, better yet, as a boozy watermelon pops! Or watermelon margaritas. Or…You get the idea. Get our Boozy Watermelon Pops recipe.

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