Old-School Fountain Burger in Valley Stream, L.I.

It’s easy to overlook a place like Mitchell’s, a fixture since 1938 on Rockaway Avenue in Valley Stream. butterchicken2nan dropped in for the first time in years and settled in with a hamburger. His verdict: “Absolutely slammin”—a sturdy six-ouncer on a bun built to hold it without falling apart, served with crunchy, tasty fries. Variations include a pizza burger (with mozzarella and marinara), the Valley Stream (mushrooms and onions), and the Five Towns (bacon and blue cheese). “Funny how something great can be right under your nose,” he adds.

If you’re thinking dessert, Mitchell’s makes its own ice cream, as it has since it first opened. But byrd recommends a stroll down the street to Itgen’s, whose butter pecan and mocha chip ice creams and luscious hot fudge have made a deep impression on chowhounds.

Mitchell’s Restaurant [Nassau County]
191 Rockaway Ave., between Valley Stream Blvd. and Jamaica Ave., Valley Stream, NY

Mitchell’s Restaurant [Nassau County]
2756 Long Beach Rd., between Tilrose and Harrison Aves., Oceanside, NY

Walt Itgen’s Ice Cream Parlour [Nassau County]
211 Rockaway Ave., between Jamaica and Hawthorne Aves., Valley Stream, NY

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