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I know that I promised less sweet offerings on this week’s Taylor Strecker Show Chub Chub Chowdown segment, but I couldn’t resist. There are so many delicious desserts worthy of our attention and it’s simply my job to introduce them to the masses. Sorry, not sorry.

Not a fan of sugar? I also threw in a kick-ass chili sauce and goat cheese that ended up tasting really good together. Check out all of our final picks and thoughts below and, as always, you’re welcome for ruining any chances of a summer bod.

Marion’s Kitchen Sweet Chili Sauce 

We’d like to think we’re huge sauce aficionados on the Taylor Strecker Show, so when something earns our seal of approval, you know it’s damn good. This sweet chili sauce is no exception. It has, perhaps, the most perfect balance of sweet and spicy that we’ve come across in a long time, making it an excellent option for dips, spreads, and dressings. We can’t wait to try her other varieties, as well, also includes a coconut Sriracha and sticky chili ginger sauce. Brb, drooling.

Nestlé Toll House Edible Cookie Dough (Chocolate Chip)

There was simply no way this was going to taste bad. You could put cookie dough on a severed toe and we’d probably still eat it. Good on Nestlé for following in DŌ’s successful footsteps by releasing something so easily accessible and mass market. The packaging is dangerous, though. A pint? Really? I can easily house one full of ice cream on a Friday night in bed, but that’s nearly 1/5 the calories. Someone just slice my hands off now.

Tony’s Chocolonely (White Chocolate Raspberry Popping) 

Wow. The raspberry flavor in this bar is intense and we’re NOT complaining! In fact, this may be the bar to turn white chocolate haters (cough, Taylor) into lovers, especially with the fun addition of popping candy. I also brought their Dark Chocolate Almond and Sea Salt variety for fun and it was equally, if not more amazing. Could this be our new favorite desk-side indulgence? With adorable rainbow packaging and a commitment to ethical farming practices, it very well could be.

Justin’s Almond Butter-Covered Almonds

So. Meta. These were as delicious as we knew they would be. How can you mess up coating almonds in a decadent almond butter? You simply can’t. The same can probably be said for cashews, which is why they’re next on our list to try. Do you hear that, Justin? We’re interested in a lifetime supply and waiting ever-so-patiently. Thanks, in advance.

The Cereal School Cereal (Fruity)

No matter how hard we try, Taylor is just not budging with her opinions on monk fruit or stevia-sweetened cereal options. And that’s okay! The aftertaste can be a bit bitter, off-putting, and ruin the overall meal experience. That being said, we think Cereal School has done an amazing job at imitating the fruit-flavored cereals of our youth, all with 16 grams of protein (INSANE!) and without sugar and carbs. If you’re dieting and miss the unhealthy ingredients found in a typical American breakfast, this will be an awesome alternative.

Roth Chévre Goat Cheese (Honey)

Roth happens to be one of my favorite Wisconsin-based creameries, so I was muy excited about their new chévre (goat) offerings. This absolutely didn’t disappoint and I’m currently eating it by the forkful as I type this. The tartness is perfection and the added honey gives it a delicately sweet bite that doesn’t overpower the creamy goodness of the cheese. Put this on your next cheeseboard and your guests will be clamoring to dip every type of cracker (and finger, unfortunately) into it.

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