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With as much chatter as there is about the rising cult of Trader Joe’s, another little improbable grocer, ALDI, has quietly been building its own army of loyal shoppers. One reason the German-born supermarket chain is so popular is their beloved private label brands (similar to Trader Joe’s) along with “ALDI Finds,” a program where the market introduces new, unique, and often limited-run products every Wednesday, much to customers’ delight. ALDI Finds include creative coffee flavors, uniquely-seasoned meats, exciting new snacks, discount wines, and even quirky kitchen tools and appliances.

In the dark days, shoppers were only privy to ALDI Finds one week ahead of time, but following some top-secret ALDI espionage and a few backdoor payments, we were able to secure the ALDI Finds for the entire month of August. Just kidding, all we had to do was ask nicely.

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From well-reviewed wine to thick-cut cherrywood smoked bacon, a few odd dips, and even an avocado-saver, the August ALDI Finds are looking mighty promising. We got the skinny on which Wednesday each product will land in stores for your planning purposes. Remember, ALDI Finds drop on Wednesdays and only last until supplies run out (which can mean mere hours for certain things). Check out the August ALDI Finds we’re scheming on below and be sure to set a reminder.

ALDI Finds – Wednesday, August 7

Dancing Flame Rosé

Early August is peak rosé season but chances are you blew your budget by mid-July. Enjoy summer the way it’s meant to be enjoyed; with free-flowing chilled pink wine on the bow of an 80-foot luxury yacht….or in your backyard inflatable pool. Whichever you have access to.

Specially Selected Mango Chili Tortilla Strips


Chip flavors have gotten a little out of hand (looking at you Lays) but a sweet and spicy combination like these mango chili tortilla chips are always a hit with kids, adults, and anyone else who shows up. We’re pumped for these and you should be too.

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Little Salad Bar Mini Meals Seven Grain Salad


ALDI signature snack packs and mini-meals are as popular as anything. Stock up on a few for quick afternoon snacks or light, high-protein lunches during those dog days of August.

ALDI Finds – Wednesday, August 14

Simply Nature Organic BBQ Chicken Sausage 


Chicken sausages serve as a great option for non-red meat eaters at summer BBQs and can be a full-on lifesaver on nights you juuuust couldn’t get dinner together. Keep a few packages of these BBQ-seasoned chicken sausages in the freezer in case of emergency.

Crofton Avocado Pod 

As avocado prices continue to rise it’s more important than ever to protect them from browning once opened. Use this cute AF Crofton avocado case to get the most out of your precious avos.

Ambiano Belgian Waffle Maker


Win Sunday morning with a new Belgian waffle maker. These things take up about as much space as a small saucepan but can quickly turn any breakfast into a super special affair. You can also use it for way more than waffles!

ALDI Finds – Wednesday, August 21

Cattlemen’s Ranch Prime Rib Seasoned Burgers


These prime rib seasoned beef burgers from Cattlemen’s Ranch are ready to go on the grill. Pair with one of ALDI’s signature sauces and a cold beer. Rinse and repeat all August long.

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Nature’s Nectar Honeysuckle Lemonade


The only thing that could make lemonade better on a hot August day is a dash of honeysuckle….oh, and a good price. This one checks both boxes, and is just 100 calories per serving; feel free to toss a little vodka in after dark.

Specially Selected Spirit Infused Pineapple & Rum Salsa


Cocktail or snack? Snack or cocktail? Now you don’t have to decide. Get your favorite Mexican dip with the flavors of the Caribbean with this pineapple and rum-infused salsa from the ALDI private label brand Specially Selected.

Park Street Deli Layered Hummus Pepper Medley


A pepper medley is just the thing to kick your boring hummus routine in the keister. Mild roasted reds and hot jalapenos make for a nice balanced pepper combo here.

ALDI Finds – Wednesday, August 28

Cook House Moonshine Black Pepper Steak Sauce


Savor the last vestiges of BBQ season with this black pepper sauce made with a dash of moonshine for authentic Blue Ridge Mountain flavor.

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Appleton Farms Cherrywood Smoked Thick Cut Bacon


Good quality, thick-cut bacon is such a thing of beauty. That’s why we’re suggesting you plan accordingly for the impending cherrywood smoked bacon rush at ALDI in mid-August.

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Flower Keeper Pinot Gris


When a good wine goes on sale at ALDI you hear about it and it often doesn’t last. This dry pinot gris from Flower Keeper vineyard has good ratings across the board so you can imagine the stockpile will be gone in no time.

Earth Grown Vegan Oat Milk Cold Brew Frozen Dessert 


Oat milk ice cream is taking off faster than regular old oat milk did. Snag a pint or two of guilt-free vegan frozen dessert made with real coffee and oat milk, of course.

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Ambiano 8-Cup Deep Fryer


Okay, by the last week in August you might be drooling about all the fried foods you resisted (or tried to resist) during spring and summer. Now’s the time to make up for moderation with this easy-to-use countertop deep-fryer, for when the air fryer just won’t cut it.

Barissimo Bourbon & Maple Bacon Coffee (ground)


Finally, everyone knows ALDI has some of the best private label coffee out of any of the generic supermarket brands. These maple bacon and bourbon roasted coffee blends are hitting just in time for fall.

What are you running to ALDI for next month—and what do you still dream of that’s gone from their shelves? Let us know in the comments!

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