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Whether you love to cook or just love to eat, you need to check out Eatwith, a new social dining platform that offers unique culinary experiences with locals all over the world. Between cooking classes, once-in-a-lifetime dining experiences, and food tours, there’s an Eatwith experience for everyone and anyone. With offerings in over 130 countries, this new website has me dreaming of traveling to Croatia just to experience a sunset hiking excursion that ends in a gourmet picnic—or taking a quick trip to Brooklyn to experience a seafood tasting

If you’re planning an upcoming trip or just looking to experience something new at home, be sure to sign up for Eatwith and start exploring the hundreds of options available all around the world. 

Check out some of the food tours, cooking classes, and eating excursions we’re dying to take part in below! 

Dining Experiences

An Israeli Brunch Feast in Oakland, California


If you can’t make your way to Tel Aviv to experience an authentic Israeli brunch, this dining experience in California will come pretty close. Enjoy a traditional over the top Israeli brunch, complete with a cheese plate, homemade pastries, shakshuka, and an assortment of traditional Israeli spreads and sides.Book Now

Hike to a Sunset Picnic in Dubrovnik, Croatia


Whether you’re going on a “Game of Thrones” tour in Croatia or just want to visit a beautiful part of the world, make sure to book this adventure on your next trip to Dubrovnik. Enjoy a 40-minute hike to an incredible lookout, where you’ll feast on traditional Croatian dishes including cured meats, fresh fruits, market finds, and local cheeses, and watch the sunset over Dubrovnik’s Old Town.Book Now

Food Tours

Coffee, Gelato, and Tiramisu Tour of Rome


Caffeine and sweets? Say no more. Forget about counting calories on this walking tour around the historic city of Rome, where you’ll taste the very best Italian desserts: gelato and tiramisu. If you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely a tour you don’t want to miss. Book Now

Amsterdam Food Walk & Tasting

Amsterdam food tours

Kav Dadfar/Getty Images

Stroll through the canals of Amsterdam while discovering the history behind some of the best Dutch delicacies. Taste some of the most delicious Dutch cheeses, traditional herring, famous stroopwafels, and more on this walking tour. An added bonus, wine and beer are included! Book Now

Cooking Classes

Italian Cooking Class at a Chef’s House in Florence, Italy


While we are huge fans of the KitchenAid pasta-making stand mixer attachment set, nothing beats making pasta in Florence with an Italian chef. Having studied in Florence this past semester, I might be a little biased, but this experience is one you truly won’t forget. Enjoy plenty of wine while learning tips and techniques from an expert and cooking a delicious and authentic three-course Italian meal. Book Now

French Macaron Workshop with a MasterChef


This class will make you feel as fancy as it sounds—leisurely sip Champagne while you learn how to make macarons from “MasterChef France” winner, Chef Jean-Yves. You’ll feel like a master chef yourself after making some gourmet macarons that are almost too pretty to eat. This exclusive cooking class can only accommodate four people, so make sure to book in advance. Book Now

If none of the above suit your style or you are looking for an option that’s a little more local, check out to explore all their different offerings. With hundreds of unique tours, classes, and food experiences located all over the world, the opportunities are endless!

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